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'95 425- magnum-stuck in reverse

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Hey all, not only new at this forum and posting stuff, kinda awkward with the whole computer thing. Anyway this dang quad is stuck in reverse and, it gets sorta old drivin' backwards!!!Is the trany problem similar in other models? Where do I get the best service manual? Thanks a bunch......Happy Quading

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Sorry for the delayed response, a factory service manual is always the best IMO. Ebay usually is a good place to find manuals. Clymer makes a good manual too, and they are considerably less expensive than factory manuals too.

The first thing I would check is any external linkage or levers that you may have, hopefully your problem is there because the next most likely cause is a bent fork or maybe a worn or broken shift fork shaft. Repairing either one of those would involve splitting the cases. You have the right idea looking for a manual, they are priceless and well worth every penny. Good luck.

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