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98 Grizzly detailed question No Spark ( suprised )

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I have owned a powersports shop for 4 years and have over time I have become the shop that gets the bikes with problems other shops have gave up on. Recently I came into this 98 grizzly. It had no spark. I had a list of changed parts from the previous shop. Aparently new stator meant soldering a new pickup coil. We every test by the book with the starting and charging system and find the motor control unit is bad as well. I put the new stator in, no spark, I unplug the motor control unit and I have spark. I return the atv. I get a call a week later that the engine has slowly lost spark again. Me and the mechanic argue that because we took the motor control unit out of the picture we lost spark again. We replace the motor control unit, still no spark. We ohm out the pick-up coil it comes in 100 ohms short. We ohm the source coil and it comes in 100 ohms over. Ricks stator tells me I need a booklet of paperwork and them to test the product before a return would be issued. So I bought another stator. Still no spark. The pick up coil and the source coil ohm out the same on the new stator. We have ohmed out every switch relay and wire. My grounds are hooked through the harness and show no signs of damage. When I test for voltage at the main coil, The most recieved is .2 volts, this is at the cdi to coil power output. but often that quickly fades into mv. Took the stator out and inspected. No visual signs of damage. Tried adjust the pickup coil a hair closer to the fly wheel. Fly wheel pickup tab is in good shape. The diode tests fine. The rectifier tests fine. I have unplugged unesary parts and bipassed every safety switch. The battery is fully charged. Is it possible that this is another bad stator assembly right out of the box from Ricks Stator? I have only every had 1 other bad stator from them.

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i agree with ajmboy the cdi box is the brain to the whole operation kind of like a module on a distributor. if that is not sending signal then no spark will be created. i would test there first. if that is ok then i would chase for a poor conection or a bad wire i the circut for that system.

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