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1987 Kawasaki Bayou 300 Problem

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Hi, I have a 1987 Kawasaki 300 It starts idles and runs, but when I give it gas it quits. Does someone have an idea what might be wrong with it. It has been a great machine. thank you Fzeller

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I don't feel I can help. But a few things for others who might be able too. Is the air filter clean, fuel filter, good gas, how does the spark plug look. Is it popping back thru the carb or backfiring out the exhuast. hard to start or easy to start any flooding. Has it been sitting up for awhile with old gas in it if yes have the carbs been cleaned.

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Hi again, No poping back through the carb. The gas is good, I have been riding it all along. It just started acting up when I started it last week. I ride it about twice a week, sometimes more. It starts great, it idles great, it runs great up to about one third throttle. As soon as I hit one third throttle it quits and I have to let off and it runs great again. It does not matter if I go up slow with the throttle or fast. When it gets to that point it quits. As soon as I let off it runs great again.

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check your fuel lines too. My daughters two stroke 90 would die when u try to give it throttle the air fuel mixture was out of adjustment. It would idle and soon as you hit the throttle it act like it ran out of gas. if you were to have a small hole or crack in the fuel line it will effect fuel supply.The ethanol in gas can cause line damage on small engines. If you were to find this to be the trouble you can buy ethanol shield from a store like walmart. I run it in my quad & lawn equipment. I know ethanol is the cause for my chainsaw, weedeater & hedge trimmers the repair shop said ethanol was what damaged the fuel lines. I don't know if it effects fuel lines on quads I just use it to be safe.

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First thing I would do is put a new spark plug in it and take note of what the old one looks like. The condition of your plug can give you clues as to what your problem may be. I am leaning toward an ignition problem since the problem started suddenly and you haven't let the machine sit for a long period. But I still would not rule out a carb problem, you may have a clogged jet, or or a stuck float or something.

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O.K. Guys. I just got in the house from working on it. I took the carb. off and cleaned it. I also replaced the fuel line and filter. I put it back together and she runs like a champ again.

I don't know exactly what the problem was, but you guys sure had it narrowed down for me. thank you so much for the help. Fredz

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Great to hear you got it running again!! Now have some fun. Did you look at the plug and check it's condition. Sometimes with a fuel or carb problem it can effect the plug and there cheap to replace just for the peace of mind if your out on the trail. Just keep one handy if you need it.

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    • By 1911Neil
      I had a quad fall in my lap a couple weeks ago. The only things I knew about it was it was a Kawasaki Bayou 220, was in pretty rough shape and was free. I couldn't say no to a fun little project. I've been looking a different ATV forums gathering quite a bit of info and decided this was the one I wanted to join.
      Thanks to this forum, I found the VIN under about an inch of mud and cross referenced it to be a '98. It had been sitting outside for at least 5 years and was told it ran when parked, but had no brakes. Squirrels or mice had been chewing on the handlebar controls and it's generally just kind of beat up.
      So far, I've gone through the carb (not near as bad as I expected), freed up the brakes (will probably need new cables), replaced the spark plug, air filter, petcock and put a new battery in it.
      The gas tank had been empty and looked clean so I put some fresh gas in it and tried to crank it today. I got a neutral light, but the starter button did nothing. I tried pull-starting it and it wouldn't fire. I checked the plug and wasn't getting a spark. I started digging and found some potential issues and some definite problems.
      I have a wiring diagram I found on here but it's just a picture or scan out of a book and hard to read. I don't see a reference to a black/yellow wire, which is my first problem.
      First, it that a factory crimp? One of those wired looks like it goes to the connector in the 2nd pic. Is that just a spade lug type connector? I pulled on it with some needle nose pliers but it didn't seem to want to come off. In the 3rd pic, should there be a fourth wire?
      I've read through and bookmarked the threads Andrew Baker and Arizona have going but I figured I needed to start with these obvious issues first. I have lots of pictures, so if there is something else you want to see, just ask. If I don't already have a pic, I'll take one.

    • By Tom Pavlak
      Hi Everyone - Need some help.
      Got a nice little 220...clean machine. wiring is a mess. I have a diagram however, the one I have has 4 wires coming from the ignition switch not 2 like mine. So, I cant trace wires properly.
      There is a white one that runs to the Solenoid, and a brown wire...from the Ignition...I dont know where its supposed to go. Also, on the Solenoid, there are 3 wires..W to ignition, B to start relay and B/Y runs up to the front of the machine...and is not plugged into anything...and there isnt a "Mate" missing it. How do they plug into the 4 open shovels by the 20A fuse?
      I'm pretty sure my Lights and start switch/Lights are correct.
      Problem I cant get anything...new battery...cant get the start button to work, cant get any power to the lights or switches...so I know something is not grounded or..
      Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    • By wwdubose
      I have two 2003 Suzuki Ozark 250s, both 2-wheel drive.  Last time we rode them about a year ago, the red one was not running well, didn't want to idle, backfired a lot.  The green one ran fine. 
      Fast forward...I ordered a carb kit for both of them, thinking the red one has some trash in a jet.  Both of these ATVs have had little use and I've always ran the gas out after use (put an inline cutoff valve in gas line).  I pull started the red one to verify it was still running bad.  It will start and idle, but as soon as you give it any throttle, it dies instantly.  Give it a little choke, dies instantly.  Took the carb apart and it was spotless.  Went ahead and cleaned all the holes with carb cleaner and blew everything out with compressed air.  All new jets, main jet holder, and needles.  Put it back on and nothing changed.  Starts, idles (not for a long time), but dies as soon as you give it gas.  Same happens when you put the choke on.  It does the same thing when I try to run it turned to prime on the petcock as it does in the on position.
      Not an air filter issue.  It is clean and it does the same exact thing with no filter on it.
      Thought maybe there was a float issue or maybe a damaged diaphragm, so I took the carb off the green Ozark and put it on red.  Started up and initially ran normal and revved for about 10 seconds and then started doing the same exact thing.  Starts, idles (not for a long time), but dies as soon as you give it gas.  Same happens when you put the choke on. 
      So...not the carb
      Thought maybe vacuum petcock was bad, but there's no gas in the vacuum line going from petcock to carb and gas flows freely when on prime.  I even plugged the vacuum line at both the petcock and carb end and tried to run it with valve set to prime.  Gas flows freely, but does exactly the same thing.  I unscrewed the screw at the bottom of the bowl and gas flows thru carb and out bowl drain line when petcock is set to prime.
      So, I'm assuming petcock is good?
      Checked spark plug and it wasn't fouled.  Reset gap, didn't help.  Will swap plugs between Ozarks tomorrow but I don't think that is it.
      Anyway, that he history and now you're all caught up.  Scratching my head.  Valves? These were bought at same time and have had little use.  Suggestions?
    • By Steven Urban
      First time using this forum.  Owned a Kawasaki dirt bike once, had no issues.  But I picked up this 4 wheeler at an auction.  They stated it ran, but only needed a battery.  Well I do not believe that was all true.

      Some pictures are attached.  Not sure why, but the whole air filter stuff was removed.  They had some small thing inserted as a make shift air filter.

      I purchased a battery to try this all out.  Waiting to return it and get the proper size, as it was too big for the battery box.  But here is my issue I had while the battery was connected.

      1 - The lights on the steering column did not come on.  Not sure if they work or not.

      2 - The starter solenoid seems to be bad.  I have a new one on order. 

      3 - In the pick, there is another rusted part.  Not sure what that part is or what it is used for.

      4 - What is the 12v rectifier?  square bodied part.

      So when I hooked the battery up.  Pushing the start button did nothing.  Pulling the cord to try and pull start, it turned, but would never fire.  I have put in a new spark plug as well, it looked worn out.  With electric start, I crossed over the posts on the start solenoid, it turned over, but would never fire and start.

      I have read a few other threads and it stated something about needed the neutral light on.  SOmething about a kill switch.

      Any help would be appreciated.

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      i have a 1993 timberwolf yamaha and the compression is good and lights work but for some reason the electricity is not going to the spark plug(s)! i got a friend to check it out and they said its no use but im not giving up! please help with this!
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      My bayou was running. Turned it off. Went to start it again about 20 minutes later and nothing.... no electrical power. No lights, no neutral indicator light. Battery good. Jumped starter and it turns over but doesn't start. I'm not sure what the problem could be. Maybe ci igniter or rectifier?
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      I have a 2005 Sportsman. The starter continues to engage after the key is turned off. I have to disconnect the battery to make it stop. It reengages the starter when I place the positive back on the battery even with the key off. Suggestions????
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      I have a Polaris scrambler 500, couple of problems first, it is very hard to start doesn't matter if it is cold or up to temp usually it won't start unless you open the throttle a little bit, it does have a slight idle problem, it slowly goes down to a idle after reving it up. And was wondering why my primary clutch clicks when slowing down. Thanks for any help.
    • By gtyfisher
      My 2000 Suzuki quad king 300 4X4 starts great and runs great but after I drive it for a while it won't take it's gas and it won't move. If you turn it off it will start and idle fine til you give it the gas and it won't take it's gas again. You can turn it off and it will run fine again but it won't take it's gas again. This will go on for sereral restarts and finally it will run fine again, but after awhile of driving it will start this process all over again.Does anyone have any suggestions what it is
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