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Yup ... another video from Gunny ... get use to it, winter is coming & then I'll be posting even more ... :comp10:

Went for a ride last Tuesday .... the weather was great ... windy, cold, rain, sleet, a little snow, sun, mud ... no bugs, ... more people than I figured, but it is the Elk Season ... so .... but all & all, it was a great day !! woot.gif

Just put a little video together so ya could see what a great time I had while you were at work ...... OOPS ... I didn't mean to rub it in ............. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!! .............. wacked.gif

Ya know, it's great to get out in the middle of the week to go for a ride .......... thumb.gif .......... rofl.gif

Make sure ya change the vid to 720p when ya view it ... it'll look a LOT better !!




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Thanks Gunny. And thanks for slowing down enough that we could see the scenery!

Well glad ya enjoyed the vid there Senator guy ... :bow2:

Yeah, I drove slow a lot that day cause it was just so dang purty up there !! :drivingc:


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looks like it was a blast ... most of the riding areas around here are under water and it will be a mudd fest when the water go's down ...

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Mr.Gunny sir what camera do you use for recording your videos? They always look great!

Dude ... what are you try'in to do ?? .... Piss Me Right The %^$# Off or what ?? :aargh:

First you call me "Mr." ... and then "Sir" .... dude ... that's just downright hurtful !! :prod:

However, to answer your question ... Mr. Insensitive Sir .... I'm using the Drift Stealth HD 170 camera ... I have two of the little buggers. They seem to be pretty good cameras so far too. :cheer:


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