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1987 Suzuki LT230E choke lever position

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Dear forum members, I recently purchased a 1987 LT230E Quadrunner and it didn't come with a owners manual. My question is what position does the choke lever need to be in to start a cold engine? Pushed up or down? Is there a way to adjust the choke? I have a Clymers repair manual but nothing is mentioned ablut the choke for the chain driven model. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


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Not sure on that model, but typically when the quad is cold, you turn the choke on to level it off while it starts, then after it reaches operating temperature, you shut it more off...as long as everything is working properly.

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Choke is off when pushed away from you and on when pull towards you .I don't believe there is any adjustment . But the choke lever and choke plunger must move smoothly .The choke plunger assm. frequently need to be replaced. Beware !tighten choke to carb nut gently they love to crack.or cross thread.

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