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Newbie here with questions...

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I currently have 3 ATVs, one is a 1999 550 Yamaha Big Bear, a 2001 Kymco 125 and my new acquisition that was given to me. I have no clue as to what it is. Actually though it was a Raptor but realized after being blasted from the Yamaha forums that Yamaha never made a 110 Raptor....or so I was told. None the less it looks just like a raptor, is 110cc and is pretty freakin fast for a lil guy. Ill try to post some images and maybe I can get some feedback on what it is??? Thanks so much!

Oh and hey! Hello to everyone! Im a newb! lol

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Hi and welcome to QC.....the bike may be a Redcat or a Yamoto chinese off brand, hard to say as there are sooooo many Chinese knock offs....go by the engine name if you need parts or a local dealer could probably tell you exactly what it is.....hey, the price was right,,,LOL

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True price was right...there is nothing on the motor.....we did find a few numbers below the handle bars.....its a fast lil guy...more than my lil guy needs to handle anyways...seriously dont think even my old 110 Yamaha bike was as fast lol

Thanks for the info

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most of the 110's have a limiter on them to control the speed also....maybe that will help keep him in the "safe zone"...

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Welcome to QUADCRAZY! I also think it's one of those chinese brands. Great pics!

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Welcome to the site. It looks to be chinese my neighbor has a falcon 110 the motor pics looks the same as his similer to a Honda clone. His was fast like your saying but he trashed his very bad. I dont think a quads been made to this day tuff enuff for him. His was a Kauzuma I think but your frame looks different from his.

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i have a friend that bought the knock off rhino, looks fantastic and yamaha oem parts fit body, not sure about the rest of it. here are some links of chinese knock offs. hope you can spot it somewhere. maybe if it looks so much like yamaha, a dealer might be able to tell you who's it is. just a thought. try digging for a label or stamp if still there too. even if you find the year could be a start .... great price

only problem i see, if its older, even the knock offs stay with the times, i mean, all you will see on those links mostly is new models, so it will be hard to narrow down ...

ATV 110 China Manufacturers

ATV, China ATV, ATV Manufacturers, China ATV Suppliers

Wholesale ATV, Chinese Quad, China Quads.

Roketa, Yamoto, Redcat, Sunl, Jetmoto, Alpine might be a brand to scout out

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found more info

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