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2003 Kawasaki Prairie 650 4X4 ATV Carburetor

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My front pipe is cool after running for a few seconds and the back one is really hot. It is running like crap and only if I keep the choke half open. The spark plug is firing up front. Here are my questions:

Do I have one or two carbs? It looks like 2.

I only see one fuel line off of the spit-cock to the carb in the back, does that feed them both?

Is there a fuel filter for each carb (If I have 2)?

Any ideas on what might be wrong?

Thank your for any help out there.

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Yes you have 2 carbs the fuel line comming from your off/on fuel cock should have a filter in the line before it goes to a T fitting & splits off to each carb. The carbs could need cleaned, You will be better off doing a search on adjusting the carbs you have fuel / air mixture screws that is adjustable the idle is just one knob that changes both carbs at the same time. Then their is the carb sync adjustment. In order to sync the carbs you need a carb sync tool. It gets the carbs matched up you can do a internet search on how to make a sync tool & on the steps to sync the carbs. I would read about it first to make sure it's something you could do. Syncing the carbs would be the last thing on a check list. You have to remove some of the plastics to be able to get to the carbs where you can see everything but check all the fuel lines , check the clamps that hold the carbs in the intake boots, air/fuel mixture screws I think it's around 2 full turns out from fully closed if you close these off to check them you just turn them till they stop you don't tighten them down or you will damage them. After this stuff is checked if it all seems to be good I would clean the carbs & reinstall them & check if their in sync. I hope this helps.

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they are a pain to take off ...lol.. i have dont this on several of the kawasaki V twin's ... its usually a dirty /clogged carb... get a can of chemtool carb cleaner and take them off and clean them out ... i would also change the filter while you are doing this ... i have found some filters start comming apart on the inside and let stuff get into the carbs and clog them on the V's i have 1 and most of my friends do also .. im the mechanic for our riding group and i get to do most of the work on all 9 of the V's in our riding group ... we also have several parts V's ...

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ethanol in the gas is causing a lot of carb failure. sta-bil makes a gas treatment & ethanol shield. sta-bil is easy to find at stores. Once you get it fixed you may want to run one of these products.

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