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Thanksgiving Ride 2011

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Went up to our usual spot and rode some different trails !!




This is called Scottys Rock !! The trail goes right up the rock !! It has a sign at the bottom EXPERT RIDERS ONLY:yes:



This is from the top !:laugh:






Willpop still holds the princess award for this week ( who ever crashes earns the award ) :laugh:


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you guys can't have her!!!! she's mine! best of all, she doesn't say a word!! lol should have my bike back together this week providing i get the parts! i do not fancy riding the utility out at Rampart...it was a little tricky getting through some of the corners on that thing. all in all, good ride fellers!

Edited by WillyPoP

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wish i could of went riding on turkey day ... the wife was very sick and i had to cook all the dinner fix-ns and take care of the kids ... it looks like you emptied my garage/shop to go riding though ...lol

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