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New from madison indiana

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hey everybody.. thanks for letting me join .. hope i can be as helpful to you all as i hope you all will be for me.. lol .. i guess you could call me a weekend warrior. really the only time i have to ride, until summer that is. i just bought a 2001 350 warrior,, i got some things to fix and update on it and i'll be ready to ride .. lol . also got 2001 wr426, 2002 xr 100 , been to the DIRTY TURTLE , in BEDFORD . KY a bunch. Also been to BOONDOCKS ATV in NORTH VERNON INDIANA a couple times, both are fun places to ride.. Been to HASPEN ACRES once . about 10 years ago.. ALWAYS LOOKING FOR A NEW PLACE TO RIDE..

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the picture i use is my wr426,, my warrior is at work, i'm waiting on new chain and chain rollers to be UPS'ed to me .. should have parts on tuesday.. be running and ripping up the trails next weekend,, hope to have pictures then

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O wow ... another hoosier rider ...lol.. welcome to QC... im down the road an across the woods a few miles...lol.. but if ya wana join us on a weekend ride we are in the terre haute area ...

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Hay We just moved from Washington St we live outside of Kent and Im looking for someone to ride with I just bought a 06 KFX 700 my Wife has a 2000 rancher 350 2x4 and my daughter has a 96 quad runner 160 I have a trailer that will hold 3 quads we havent rode anywhere here yet we rode mostley in the mountains of northern Oregon and the Oregon Sand dunes we did allot of camping riding so if you want to go riding sometime give me a holler

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hey that sounds great.. always looking to ride with people,, we got 5 or 6 places we ride at through out the year... all with in 2 hours .. but most of the places are pay to ride $10 to $20 to get in.. not really big places but still kind of fun.. i live in madison and my name is scott cutter.. my wife and my 10 yr old ride as well .. probably be a few weeks before our next trip ,, but you never know... weather changes here quick.. lol my phone # is (812)701 3405 .. get with me sometime and see if we can hook up or maybe i can put you on the right track for where you might want to ride.... have a great day

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