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92 Yamaha blaster 200, any and all mods with websites?

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Hi, I'm looking to find any kind of

Mods to do to my 92 blaster to make it quicker. And if you could include some websites to go to also that would be great.


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A question I can answer! WooooHoooo!

Motor work- I use Ken oconner racing- kenoconnerracing.com awesome work great guy to deal with over 30+ years of experience!

He can port, polish, reshape the head, lighten the flywheel, lighten the balancer, lap the case halves, complete tear down rebuild in his shop, he does all the work in his shop! To ship a whole motor cost me about $50 fedex.

The pipe, which you will want do do for sure can be had on ebay, or blasterforum.com the cheapest, most popular are the toomey for trail riding, and the right bend pipes, LRD, power pros, Trinity , F7 and dyno ports are all top end pipes , I run a power pros on a stroked ported blaster and it kicks arse!

Then you will need a bigger car to feed that monster, 30mm-35mm is what most run and that 35mm is good even if you go to a BBK. Keihin PWK carbs are a sinch to jet. This can be had through ebay also.

Then that stock air box is gonna be the only piece of restriction left, may want to look into a F7 Box$$$ or a CFM box$$, both on ebay, or projectblaster.com

Of course with all this power, (pretty much double HP what stock is) you should get rid of those front drum crappy breaks and do the hydro swap so you will have stopping power when ya need it no fading.

For the rear brakes the stock cable jobs are horrible, you really want to do this before you decide to do the fronts, there is a member on blasterforum by the name of AWK08, he makes bolt on rear hydro brakes, complete setup pedal and all for the 88-02 blasters, one of the best mods i ever did! dual piston GSXR brake system!

Now that you can go fast and stop, You'll need to get the dress up parts, none of this crap makes you faster but sure does look good!

Rockymountainatv.com (pretty much anything)

RJatv.com ( best prices on most blaster parts)

ebay.com (found great deals here)

Blasterforum.com (really the best place to buy good blaster parts)

cheapcycleparts.com (great OEM stuff at a good price)

Kenocnnerracing.com (all your motor needs)

Woodwardspecialties.com (will match most ebay prices!)

I kinda am going overboard on my new build about 4G's in and still going , but she is gonna be a beauty and quick!- slick

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Thanks so much! This is exactly the kind of stuff I've been tryin to figure out but no one in my area has a blaster. They all have the big 450s and 700s all utility's

But again thanks bub.

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Thanks so much! This is exactly the kind of stuff I've been tryin to figure out but no one in my area has a blaster. They all have the big 450s and 700s all utility's

But again thanks bub.

No problem, you get some port work, pipe larger carb, you'll be passing those 400's up in the trails!

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