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1999 Polaris Sportsman 500 - Carb/Air Issue

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Bought a new carberator for my 1999 Sportsman 500. Very excited when it finally started running right & then I put on the air box . . . dogs and can't use more than 1/2 throttle. I've torn it apart, rechecked timing, rechecked valve clearances, checked screw positioning in carb as well as several other little things (like spark plug, etc). This is very frustrating as everything is as it should be. Runs awesome without the air box! But as soon as it's put back on . . . it's back to junk! Very frustrating. Anyone with a suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

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i think you will have to adjust the air screw, # 15 to increase the air. # 33 is usually turned out 1 1/2 turns ....

if you still have problems, message CHERIAH :yes:

she is the Carb Queen of Quad Crazy



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There's only one screw on carberator and it's turned out 2 5/8 just like the manual calls for. Like I said, runs like a champ until you put the airbox on. Airbox has brand new filter & for the heck of it, I checked the exhaust too, to make sure air was flowing good. No problems there. At wits end here. New carb wasn't cheap but the time involved in this is a whole 'nother story. I've also put a new cam in, bored out and new piston and rings. I knew the carberator was a problem, as it was leaking and refused to come completely apart for cleaning/repair. So, I bought a new one hoping this would solve my final problem. Alas, still frustrated . . .

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I leaned out the needle jet or jet needle (it’s gotta be your bull)one notch. item number 6 move item number 5 up one notch. Add spark, get the medicine just right and call me in the morning

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