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New Product Release - Mud Guard X2 Concentrate

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The newest mud/debris release agent from our lab is Mud Guard X2. This concentrate is a new polymer based product that will provide a treated surface with release agents to allow for easier and quicker clean ups. X2 will place a protective coating on the surface to which it is applied and help prevent mud and general debris from sticking hard, allow liquids to sheet off and add protection from the elements for long lasting results. Saves you time and energy to allow for quicker wash-ups and cleaner results. X2 is easily sprayed onto a clean dry machine and wiped to an even film and allowed to air dry. X2 provides a coating that will withstand multiple washings. This product can be usd on any on-road, off-road or on-water machine. X2 is especially effective for dirt track racing of all types. Safe on ALL surfaces. It does not contain any solvents and is non-corrosive, non-toxic and biodegradable. Mix 4 ounces of X2 per quart water or 16 ounces of X2 per gallon water. 32 ounce size of Mud Guard X2 will make over 2 gallons of product. More info Mud Guard X2 Concentrate

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This product wont make any of the surfaces slippery sorta like armor-all?

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No it will not make the surface slippery. It is not like Armor All, it is made from a different base of materials that will withstand rain, water and washings. It will not add shine, just a coating layer that helps release mud/debris from the surface.

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Just to let you guys know our products are available through Powersports Place which has banner adds running on this website. The Powersports Place has most of our product line except for the new Mud Guard X2 Concentrate.

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