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2007 kazuma dingo 150/ chain tensioner

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Could some one please send a picture of the chain tensioner on the dingo 150, I bought one used and the way it is on does not look right. Also when the right tire is climbing over a large object it throws the chain. This does not happen when it is the left side going over the same object(rock, washout or whatever) If you would please send a pic to [email protected] Thank you for any info. Jim

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Are the rear axle bearings in good shape? Sounds like a mis-alignment issue if it only does it when climbing on one side vs. the other. There are images on Bing and Google of the tensioner. From what I see It could be put on upside down and when the suspension gets loaded it will trow the chain. (I/e. the tensioner isn't doing its job correctly. )

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1st picture is the way it was when I bought it, note the hose clamp dead give way it was not correct. The 2nd picture is what it looks like now.( the way it should look)





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That's what I had envisioned. No wonder it was throwing the chain. Glad yah got it fixed. Don't worry about the text.

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