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2012 Kawasaki Brute Force 300 Mods.

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Just got a new brute force a few weeks and man this thing is nice. Every bit of info i read on it is exactly true, my last for wheeler i had was an 20 some year old honda Honda. Now i have the " bug " again mid-life crisis shit i guess. This machine is very peppy on low-mid range torque, is very easy to operate, even in emergency cases. Rides like a dream, this machine also loves to climb, trust me......lol. Now i wish i would have purchased a 4x4, but stuck to my guns and told myself " If i need fourwheel drive to get out of a situation, then i dont need to be there. Thats why i have winch on the front . All i can say is ,Good power, torque, manueverability, and it has some good speed on the road....i saw 52 on the speedo, but i'm 44 yrs old thats out of my blood now. .Still some wildness left in me........................ MY MAIN QUESTIONS ARE DOES K/N OR SOMEONE PUT OUT AN AIRFILTER, AND WOULD LIKE A HI-PERFORMANCE SPARKPLUG................. OR ANY IDEAS WOULD HELP...............LOL GOT THAT CRAVING FOR A LITTLE MORE POWER. THANKS ALL !!!!!!

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Congrats on the new machine! I agree with ox.

* Added manufacturer to thread title.

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A K/N would be nice, i swear by them ,even they're oil filters,if there is a application for anything K/N " I'm on it "

As far as the muffler goes dont wanna get too loud.............anybody know of some decent not so loud mufflers,,i wanna respect the neighbers. The more i ride that machine the more i love it. I would put it up against any same size class atv being made today, with no mods. ....... and i'm afraid that my Brute Force would come out on top. No mud yet !! It has been to dry out.

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