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2003 Honda TRX 250es - Stalls When Accelerating

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Hey guys new to the site, it is really cool.

I have a 2003 honda four trax es 250 electic shift

It has been running great but now stalls when i give it gas. It will start right up, but even if i feather the gas it stalls??? I have played with the idle screw but no change any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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My '05 Rancher was doing that and it was the carburetor. I ended up replacing it and have had no problem since. Might be able to clean it out instead of buying a new one.

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Sounds like carb issues. Check to make sure the choke isn't stuck.

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      I have a honda recon 250 that i just bought. the compression is around 90 needs to be rebuilt. im getting into rebuilding it took apart the top end no problem except for the cylinder walls. as shown in the pictures. the way the piston sits in the cylinder is if you were sitting on the wheeler the skirt on the piston is left to right. so the wrist pin is front to back. which is where the two marks are in the cylinder. so that means the connecting rod is making the piston slap the cylinder on the wrist pin side which seems like a weird way for the cylinder to be moving. not natural. now the connecting rod has slight play left to right but not up and down. ive talked to a few people they say it might be the roller bearings in the connecting rod where it meets the crankshaft. but the play it has is not that much. im just looking for some more input before i start splitting the case. 

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      Hi, sorry I'm new to this so not sure if I'm doing it right!
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      Hi Folks,
      This is my first post...
      I have a 2004 Outlander Max XT that stalls out above 900 feet (yes, 900, not 9,000'). It progressively gets worst the higher you go.
      I have consistently returned to the same location / elevation and it always "acts up" above 900' and gets worst up to 1,900'. I have cleaned the carb and replaced most all seals & jets with a rebuild kit.
      When it happens, I am completely on my own. It will not start again without a 1/2 hour+ wait unless...
      I can sometimes manage to temporarily get it running in short (15 second - 2 minute) bursts by:
      1. Draining the carb
      2. Waiting a few minutes
      2. Spraying starter fluid into the carb
      3. Starting it, then slamming it into gear
      4. Going like heck (wide-open throttle)
      5. If it starts, it will then give me a short burst until it succumbs/stalls again
      6. Repeat until I drop below 800-900', then it runs fine
      I was thinking of putting in after-market jets, but I would rarely go above 2,000' around here and possibly up to maybe 5,500' in other parts of the state (Alaska). So I am here at this forum looking for a few suggestions.
      FYI - I live at sea-level or there-abouts and there are no dealers anywhere close.
      Thanks for your time.
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      I have a 1999 Kawi Lakota and am having problems with it running.
      To get it running i usually have ot have the choke lever all the way to the left (i assume open al the way) and once it starts I have to leave it running for a while 10 mins then can usualyl close the choke a bit and it will continue to run and idle ok.
      When out riding the trails it does stall a lot but usually will start again and I can continue to ride with no real problems. THe issue seems to be after riding for sya 1 hour if i let it sit for maybe 20 -30 minuets - it gets real difficult to start, it sputters and backfires and stalls out.
      I got the bike used and when I tested it it ran good but when I got home it gave me the problems i described. My friend put smoen premium gas and sta-bil and we went out riding. It ran good on the trails - there were some some stalls but most likely it was me. When we were done riding we clean the bkes up but after cleaning it up I tried to run it again and it just would not run - got he sputters and backfiring and stalling.
      Any ideas what it could be and how to fix is greatly appreciate- I am thinking its the carb but not too sure.
    • By Dean
      I have a 300 fourtrax that kills on me after it runs for a little whill or after it warms up can any body help me .I think I have tried every thing but there has to be some thing that I have not tried.HELLLLLP!!!!!!!!
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