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2001 Polaris Scrambler 90 - Bogs On Hills

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If my son goes up a hill this things seems to bog down and wont rev up. If i power brake it its will spin the wheels and start to dig a trench then loses power for a second or 2 then regains it etc. I would think it would keep at the power band or maybe not. I took off the pipe and ran it straight for a few minutes to test exhaust and it behaved basically the same. On a flat or semi flat it will do almost 32 and hold there forever but again go to the bottom of a hill on a logging road and start out not reved up it just wont rev up at all can damm near walk as fast up the hill. What should I be checking for?

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Yes, I would check the belt. What year is this?

* Thread moved to Polaris forum.

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How would the drive belt cause the engine to loose rpms? Its a 2001 scrambler 90 2 stroke. I would think it should rev to rev limiter and stay at that limit as long as throttle stays presses until it blows up if one would hold it wide open long enough. Can someone explain I guess I dont get this 2 stroke thing. Is it sorta like a chainsaw when the chain is pinched it wont rev?

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Did you ever figure this out. Mine is doing the exact same thing. Sometimes I can hold the brakes and throttle up and the front wheels will come of the ground. But just as you have described take off under a load, such as up hill it just won't rev up. If I can ever get the RPM's up, it runs great, probably 30+ miles an hour for as long as you hold the throttle down.

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Perhaps you are running it to hard and you are to big or heavy for it. I mean it is only a 90 cc engine

Nope. Finally took the carb apart and it had a lot of junk in it. Cleaned it up and it's running like a big dog. I did take the advice of one of the earlier post about covering up hte breather tube intake and it took off prettiy good (inital troubleshooting only). I think that the carb could not pull enough fuel through the jets and when you cover the intake, the vacuum increased in the carb and forced more fuel through the jets. It's not like new, but it's close enough now.

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