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First, the disclaimer: I represent the GPS company Magellan.

We would love to get a little feedback from the ATV community. We have a short survey (about 12 questions) and as thanks for completing it, you'll be entered to win 1 of 5 GPS devices.

Here's a link to the survey: Survey

Thanks for your help!

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Welcome to QUADCRAZY! I just took your survey, took me a couple of minutes, hope I win!!! :laugh:

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    • By Ed Zeppeli
      So I fired up the quad the other day and let it idle for about 5-10 minutes and it ran great then died.
      I go to check it. No lights on dash, nothing.
      Check the main fuse and it's blown. Key's off/out. Put in another and it blows immediately.
      Pull out the meter and see that on the non-load side of the fuse holder there's continuity to ground.
      Check all obvious things. Wiring diagram. Connectors. Frayed wires. Bad grounds.
      Battery measures ok at 12.8v.
      I'm dreading taking off the front plastics but I suspect the regulator/rectifier. The wiring diagram shows the red wire (the suspect wire) goes to the ignition switch and the regulator/rectifier.
      Anyone else experience something similar and/or have any troubleshooting tips that may save me the grief of removing the plastics?
      Thanks much,
    • By Jeff011366
        Over the years I have always used a friends machine, and only ride a few times a year. Last week I purchased a 2002 Polaris Sportsman 700. The front diff needs a rebuild, the axles are very loose where they go into diff. My question is, both front wheels rotate forward by hand, but do not rotate the opposite direction. Is this "NORMAL OPERATION" I plan on rebuilding the hubs at the same time as the diff.....
        My question about the rear diff, it rolls as if the machine has a total POSI rear axle...……. I lifted the front end off the garage floor with overhead hoist, as I moved it sideways the rear tires skidded rather than rotate. Both would roll forward easy, but not go in a circle. When I drove the machine in the garage making a tight turn I could feel the binding and skidding of rear tires....  Even if the switch was in 4 wheel drive, when it's hanging in te air the ignition is off...….. with the machine in 2 wheel drive mode, is that HONESTLY 1 wheel drive to allow turning without tearing up the lawn? then it locks the rear axle once it's put into 4 wheel drive? I'm guessing the rear diff needs a rebuild also because there is something "BALLED UP" internally locking the rear wheels together?
        It's a old machine that was not maintained, I thought the wheels were all rusted, but it was 17 years off baked on red clay. Just wanting to make it a reliable machine. I have great mechanical ability, just lacking a little knowledge of what is suppose to be "NORMAL OPERATING STANDARDS"
      Thank you in advance for sharing your knowledge.
    • By Andrew520
      Got a good deal on an 89 bayou 300. Couple questions. First is in the picture I have posted. Note the two wires at the bottom of the pic (white and black/yellow). They were not hooked up to anything and Im not sure if they are supposed to go to the battery or somewhere else and what they are for.
      Second question is I had the carb apart for a cleaning. The vaccum operated slide has a spring under the cap with a plastic clip that goes inside the spring. Is there a proper location inside the spring for that clip. Right now it is just below half way inside the spring.
      It runs alright but keeps fouling the plug. Pulled the plug off, cleaned it and dried it off and it starts back up but not sure how long before itll do it again, last time it was about 20 minutes of riding and it bogged out and wouldnt start.

    • By Resurgence Small Engine Inc.
      In this video, Jonathan diagnoses & repairs the decompression system on a Yamaha 2003 Grizzly 660.
      Some symptoms include: Pulling recoil right out of your hand, starter turning really slowly, constant dead batteries.
      Thanks for watching!
    • By Clownking
      Just bought a used 2014 outlaw 90.
      I noticed at the top of the front shocks there is 2 mounting holes for the shocks. By the markings the shocks used to be mounted in the inner holes now the shocks are mounted using the outer holes. Googling I can't find the reason for these two holes. 
      2nd question is about the rear suspension
      When I push the suspension down it is very slow at raising back up. Should it be slow? Is it a safety thing for kids so it doesn't bounce them off. The spring adjustment is on the second lob from softest. Has painted arrows so I'm guessing it's from factory.
      Has anyone touched one of these machines and could tell me if this is normal?
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    • By Miri
      Hey guys
      A team consisting of myself and students from both Babson College in Wellesley, MA and FHS St. Gallen, Switzerland are conducting research on the powersports industry and aftermarket accessories for them, namely motorcycles (of all kinds), ATVs/UTVs, personal watercraft (jetskis) and snowmobiles.
      We’d really appreciate it if you could take help us take a quick, confidential survey that will take you approximately ten to fifteen minutes. In return, you can choose to be entered into a drawing for one $50 Amazon gift card or one of four $25 Amazon gift cards.
      If you wouldn’t mind helping us share this to your friends and on forums, blogs, etc. we would also greatly appreciate it!
      Survey | Qualtrics Survey Software
      Thank you very much!
    • By ATVsToday
      Contact: Greg Mumm, BRC Executive Director
      Phone: 208-237-1008
      Date: June 9, 2009
      POCATELLO, ID (June 9) - The BlueRibbon Coalition (BRC) is asking recreationists of all types to take part in our online survey. This is your chance to give input to help shape the future of our active organization. As an added incentive, by taking the survey, your name will automatically be put in a special drawing for a brand new GPS.
      The survey only takes about ten minutes and has two versions designed for both members and for recreationists who are not members. We want to hear from everyone!
      The BRC Board of Directors, staff and contractors know very well that our access battles will be won by a large united team of folks working toward common goals, with focused objectives. "BlueRibbon is the national grassroots organization that can continue to build the team that will win the fights," said Greg Mumm, Executive Director of the BlueRibbon Coalition. "This simple online survey and the information we get from it will help us build an even stronger team."
      So please take just a few minutes and fill out our survey online by visiting Survey Introduction - BlueRibbon Coalition. Did we mention it's important and that you could win a brand new GPS? Take the survey-we've made it worth your while.
      # # #
      The BlueRibbon Coalition is a national recreation group that champions responsible recreation, and encourages individual environmental stewardship. It represents over 10,000 individual members and 1,200 organization and business members, for a combined total of over 600,000 recreationists nationwide. 1-800-258-3742. BlueRibbon Coalition: Preserving your recreational access to public lands.
    • By mywifeknowseverythin
      A man was sunbathing naked at the beach. For the sake of civility, and
      to keep it from getting sunburned, he had a hat over his private
      parts. A woman walks past and says, snickering, "If you were a
      gentleman you'd lift your hat." He raised an eyebrow and replied, "If
      you weren't so ugly it would lift itself."
    • Guest DunePrincess
      By Guest DunePrincess
      1. What kind of Quad you have?
      Suzuki LTZ250
      2. Do you like it?
      Love it! She's so pretty and fun to ride! Can't wait to get a faster one though!
      3. Ever flipped it?
      Rolled it Over....
      4. Describe your worst crash on it:
      Rolled my bike over on top of myself- threw me to the ground- broke my collar bone.
      5. Worst crash ever:
      Above= Broken collar bone.
      6. Favorite Track:
      Haven't got to ride very many tracks yet. We like to play at Capital Forest- Rock Candy... a little place we call "The Track" has a few small jumps.
      7. Least Favorite Track:
      Haven't found one yet.
      8. Favorite Jump:
      Just learning to jump- So I like the little jumps at "The Track" at capital Forest.
      9. Least Fav. Jump:
      I hit a jump at Beverly that I didn't mean to, once, and it took my brath away that I actually landed it without hurting myself! (I look for it to do again though!)
      10. Favorite person to ride with:
      My hubby. He knows how to challenge me and test me just to my breaking point. And I trust him not to get me hurt.
      11. Worst Person to ride with:
      I love riding with all my friends- but our friend Brandon rides BALLS OUT - sometimes he gets me into places I wasn't ready to be in yet! Love him anyway!
      12. Suspension or Engine?
      I need more of each!
      13 . Favorite Quad:
      My little Suzuki
      14. Last person to ride your quad besides you:
      Everyone rides my bike when we're out- she's fun to ride!!
      15. Favorite Quad video:
      Huevos 7 w/ John Guetter's first backflip
      16. Holeshot or Hold back?
      Don't race
      17. Favorite Kind of jumps?
      The little ones- still learning
      18. MX or XC?
      No Answer
      19. Why do you ride?
      I love it! It's the only time I can completely drown out the sounds of all my kids- and they leave me alone! (Except when it's their turn to ride... Can We Ride Now? How About Now!?)
      20. Funniest part of Riding/Racing?
      Whatching the results of somebody saying: "Hey, Watch This......."
      21. When is your next race, if you race?
      Don't race.. yet.
      22. Whos your Favorite Pro?
      Kelly Winters
      23. Least Favorite pro?
      I admire all the hard work and dedication of all the pros, so I don't have a least favorite.
      24. Track you wish to ride/race?
      It'd be cool if I could ride Straddleline, with other racers, someday.
      25. Where do you see yourself in 5 years in the racing scene?
      Not racing... but still riding and loving every minute of it!
    • By quadcrazy
      Thank you, to everyone that participated in our online survey. Your feedback is very important to us. A mojority of the features you have on this site, come from member feedback. 112 people completed the survey. Below you will see the results.
      You may discuss these results within this thread.

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