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Should I get a can am outlander 1000 or 800 or a can am commander 800 or 1000 or Kawi brute force 750 or teryx.

Price isn't a prob but it will be used for work. Huntin. And fun. And just to show off lol

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I had the chance to ride a 2012 BF 750 it was very nice but I have never been on a can-am. The guy with the BF 750 sold his Can-am and went back to the Kawas. I just know what he told me. With the Can-am he said if the battery died you have to take it in for service to be reprogrammed before you can start it after replacing or charging the battery. I don't know if that is true or not. Some Can-am owners need to jump in here. For showing off Can-am may be the brand to buy. The guy did say the Can-am was the faster of the 2 quads just less trouble out of the BF 750. Try them both out and while your looking don't skip the other brands.

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I owned both a can am 800 commander and a Teryx 750. They both are capable but I think the can am is more for trail riding.

The teryx was great for the rough spots on the trail, while the commander needs to engage its clutch and then shift down to crawl, plus you can lock the front diff. The commander wins as far as comfort, speed, and handling.

If you get a can am 1000 be prepared to mess with the clutching, either the commander or outlander.

As for SXS or quad I also own two arctic cats besides the side by side and the handling on a quad is way different that a SXS. If you are looking for the fun factor an ATV might be for you. But if you are working the Quad hard a SXS might be a good choice because of the bed room and being able to take another passenger.

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Here are some pics of them in action just because I like looking through my old pics:




(Not Mine but it survived)


(Just because)

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Yeah I thought both and 800 commander and a 750 or 850 atv. I just want the sxs so I can just cruise around the trails and have a stereo in it and use the bed for work. And the atv to go fast or to get into those little bit more difficult food plots to access :). But It is going to be a while b4 I can get either thanks guys. Anyone else that wants to post keep going I'd like to learn more

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The only thing I have to add is once you get some seat time in on a SXS you will be ammazed at where you can fit it. The ATVs are more fun to ride in my opinion.

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I had a Kawasaki and I liked it. Some guys talked about the ride in the Can Am so I went out and purchased one. Brother was that a mistake. Nothing but issues since I bought it. This bike definitely gotta go. Back to Kawasaki for me. Still aint figured out why I listen to others talking about bike, especially since ive tried most of them and I still come back to the Kawi.

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I've test driven most of the brands and found the can am more to my liking. From the Can Am perspective, it has a 12" clearance which is nice for logging road trails and riding, plus it rides well on the Max which is their two up machine.

If you can, try them out on trails and see which suits your riding style best. Everyone is different in how they ride of course :)

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