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New here...

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Hi All,

Newbie here as well as ATV ownership. We just "inherited" my wife's grandmother's Yamaha Big Bear 350. Its a 1990.

Its been sitting in her Dad's barn unused since even before he passed away a couple years ago.

I actually drove it way back when my wife and I started dating. I think her Dad was seeing if the "city kid" had any "metal"!

Anyway, it was very hard starting and would not stay running at all. Trailered it home from Vermont and got to work on it. Check the pic of what I found when I pulled the carb apart!

I've never seen anything quite like that! LOL.

Well, since that cleaning, I've cleaned it fairly well, changed all the fluids, fixed some minor issues, and learned the difference between ON and RES!

It is now starting right up, idles nicely and moves along pretty good. I was fairly concerned on the engine oil change I did yesterday in finding a good deal of metal shavings in the oil filter and bottom drain plug.

Have no idea how long that was unattended. The engine seems to run nice a smooth, no smoking, odd noises, etc...

Thinking clutch may need servicing. Any thoughts would be appreciated!

btw...great forum here! Seems like tons of good info!!



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hello and welcome here ...

nice find !! i wouldn't worry about the oil and shavings, who knows if it's the first oil change? plus the age of the bike, if it's running good now and shifting well, i wouldn't do anything really except ride it .... there is a clutch adjustment on the right side, while sitting. looks like a slotted screw inside a nut. in the yamaha forum, there is a thread for manuals there, post #3 has the service manual for your bike ...

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Thanks for the info!

Way ahead of you on the service manual! Finding that was my reason for registering here!

Love finding service manuals for my projects! I've already scanned it a few times and read several sections.

My plan was to run it for a few miles, then do another oild change to validate she's clean. I've got several questions regarding routine maintenance conradictions I'm seeing but I'll post those in a new post specific to the question.

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Welcome. now that the carb is clean I have shared this before there is a product called ethanol shield wal-mart sells it. Sta-bil also makes a gas treatment for the ethanol. Ethanol is a big trouble maker for our quads & any thing like lawn mowers, chain saw, weed eaters etc. In just 1 season I had a fuel line fail on my weed eater the shop said it was from the ethanol thats added to gas. Our local motorcycle shop stated the same thing. I guess it effects the compelet fuel system but on my weed eater it caused the lines to harden and crack. Some station sell gas without ethanol we have 2 but it's 3.90 gal. and only mid grade 90 octaine is sold without ethanol here in west georgia. My ethanol shield was 2.00 & treats 10gallons.

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Thanks All!

This is a great site! Do plan to use the ethanol additive. I use stabil on all my stuff at presently. Great stuff for sure.

Held up the fuel in my "race car" for about a 5 year storage. Was really amazed.

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