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*2012 Honda Rincon Tires 2 Heavy?

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I have a Honda Rincon 680 with a few mods... I also have 32" Gorilla Solverbacks which weight roughly 50 lbs. I have trouble spinning them in deep thick mud... If I switch to 30" Gorilla Silverbacks that weight roughly 40 pounds, will a total of 40 POUNDS make a big enough difference or no... Please let me know what you think... Thanks!

In return, I'll definately be replying back to any of your questions if I an knowedgable in the question asked...

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the smaller the tire, the easier it is to spin (32" to 30"). shaving 10 lbs a tire will help too.

your Honda should have the berries to spin them, but if you look at a tire for traction, the tire is made not to spin but get the traction ...

what does the Honda do? does it bog down or just plow thru?

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completely unrelated I know, but how much lift have you got on that thing and what sort of axles do you run. you wahnt to post some pictures up of it!

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It goes through anything! It also bogs the motor bad though... That motor is pushing and pushing but its straining so bad so I figured if I went with 30" tires, taking away 40 lbs total would possibly save the engine in the future... Overall what Im saying is it will go through the mud but the tires will barely turn... Im worried about the engine life...

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6” Custom CATVOS Lift Kit — Gorilla Axles All Around — Big Red Gear Reduction Kit — 3,000 lbs. Warn Winch — K & N Air Filter — HMF Exhaust — Moose Racing Front & Rear Bumpers — Hot Rod Cam — 32” Gorilla Silverbacks — 14” Black MSA Skull Rims — HMF Fuel Optimizer

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Well with all that I did with the motor and gears, I can spin 32" Gorilla Silverbacks completely submerged under thick mud and turn them... I just cant spin them fast... I figured 30" would be fine due to taking off 40 pounds of tire...

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I'm a new member i have a rincon on 30 " silverbacks brgr k&n hmf exhaust hmf optimizer and it spins them pretty well

how did you get your hands on a catvos lift ?

did you have to take it to them or did they ship the lift to you?

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