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Yamaha Moto-4 225 Manuals

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I have a 1987 moto-4 / timberwolf with a missing plugs to the magneto to the cdi out to the harness. Problem #1 white asbestos wire, orange asbestos wire, blue/white stripe, and green exist the magneto. #2 harness orange to coil blue /white stripe, black/ white stripe kill switch, black ground. I borrowed a spare cdi and the color code did not match and they are, #1plug white/orange stripe, white/ green stripe, brown, black. #2 orange, red/white stripe, black/white stripe, black. The magneto is not pluged nor is the harness. Any ideas or solutions?

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Thanks for the help unfourntintly the color code is so small even blown up I was unable to verify the 8 wires coming out to the cdi then from the cdi to the harness.

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After reviewing the Manual concering the electrical schematics the magneto coil I have on my moto-4 220cc, is a Y -phase not a single phase. The two asbestos coated wires I have are one orange and one white which are for the exciter. And one blue with white stripe and one green. I may end up discarding the original for a 350 harness which is more readily available, cdi as long as it does not affect the timing of the engine.

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My 220 cc quad with four lug hubs has a vin# that states from the Yamaha dealer to be a 1987, it hatwo square headlights in front lower very close together. With a y phase magneto.

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