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2007 Suzuki KQ 700 - Rev Limiter

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My atv is bogging down when i push the throttle and have it in reverse, or on high 4wd with the differential lock . It doesnt turn off, it just has a lack of power to get out.

It gets really frustrating when you get in a hole and you cant reverse out or on a hill and you have to do a u turn instead of reverse.

I have full power on low and on high. I have full power on low 4wd diff lock, but not high 4wd with diff lock (sputtering/lack of power).

Can anyone please direct me in the right direction to get this issue fixed. I dont want to start spending money on things that dont need to be fixed.


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I think you have 2 options ...

1st, you can spend 500$ on a new ecm from VDI and that gets rid of all the limiters.

2nd, be aware that doing this mod defeats a safety feature. Also note, the long term effects have not been seen yet. Just so you are aware, do this at your own risk. Now, on to the mod.

To eliminate the forward rev limiter when in diff lock, you need to find the red/green wire, located at pin 15 on the ECM connector, and cut it. I would cut it far enough away from the connector that if in the future you would like to reconnect it, you have enough to do that.

Snipping the Red/Green wire at ECM pin 15 keeps the diff-lock signal from reaching the PCM. The front diff grounds this wire when diff lock engages. The ECM uses this ground signal to severely limit engine power until you hold the override button down with your left thumb. Suzuki designed the bike this way as a safety feature as the machine is harder to control in diff lock.

Here is the ECM connector


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you will only have full power in diff lock low. its a safety feature and can only be changed by bypassing it. if you want full power in reverse and diff lock high, the other two options are what you have to do if you dont want the over ride button (they dont work more than half the time).

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