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2002 Sportsman 500 HO Backfires Chokes Charging Issue

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2002 Polaris Sportsman 500 HO all stock.

Was running ok. Up and down the street. Backfired a little.

Took it out to play. While warming it up I forgot to turn on the fuel and it ran down and died. Turned on the fuel and fired it up. No real issues.

Upon attempting to go uphill and then through light mud problems began. Became real sluggish and very little power. Started acting like it was starving for fuel. Then it died. During this time my battery was drained. Tried to pull start with no luck until moving/pushing the quad.

Back at the shop I checked the fuel filter, fuel lines, carb bowl and all seemed fine.

I loosened the fuel cap and it started right up. Let it run for a bit, then was throttling it. Up to 3/4 throttle all seemed fine. Above 3/4 multiple backfires and choking. Also backfired when letting throttle loose.

Bike is idling rough. Closed choke and it immediately died. Would not start with choke closed. Took a few tries once choke was open again.

Charging issue: Bike is draining battery during use. Battery recharges with battery charger very quickly.

I would appreciate any and all help and advice. Thank you in advance for your time.

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i would think you picked up a little dirt in the bowl when it ran dry. maybe? have you got any spray carb clean? try that first while its running to clear it out, check the manifold boot from the carb to the cylinder for cracks, will it run better with airbox lid off or filter out? could try the air fuel mix screw ... battery ... do you have a volt meter? thats one way to catch where the juice is going. the winch might draw if connections are bad. how old is the battery? check the regulator with the meter too ... ck1999_400ex might jump in here, as he has a polaris too

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Seemed to run the same with the air box open. Didn't take filter off. Air filter is new. Manifold boot looks fine. Should I spray cleaner through air inlet with filter off? Any particular cleaner brand?

Bike doesn't have a winch, yet. Battery looks good. Previous owner says "recently replaced." Holds charge when not running. Was reading 10.55 volts when it wouldn't turn over and dropped to under 5 when trying to turn over. Recharges enough to start turning the bike over in under 10 min with external charger.

Prior owner had electric deer feeder on which was removed before sale. Switch for it was disconnected.

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found this on a polaris forum and the guy had the same symptoms as you ,,,

If you follow the the throttle cable out of the throttle control box on the handle bar the cable will get a little fatter. Slide the covering back & loosen the lock nut & turn the cable to remove the slack in the cable so theres a 1/8" gap in the contacts, retighten the lock nut & slide covering back over

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