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Hi, I have a 2008 Odes 400cc ATV 4x4 and Im having a problem with the four wheel drive , its not working. Does anyone know if the limited slip differential has any adjustment and know how to do the adjustment?

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Do you have the push-button-Honda-like-shifter mechanism?

I know there has been some electrical issues with some of these machines. Mostly related to the semi-automatic shifter-system, and to the little electrical motor that engages and disengages the 4x4.

This little motor often burns up internally, and therefor need replacement.

You can loosen the engage/disengage-motor by loosening the 4 screws in the pic below, and open it up, having a look-see.

There will come some diff-fluid when you take the motor out, so be sure to add some when putting it all together again.

If you have a test light there are a few simple tests to determine if it's your actuator or your switch that is giving you the shift problem, first make sure you have a your test light connected to a good ground, turn your ignition to the on position,(do not start it) now turn your 4x4 switch to the on position or the engage position. Now with the test light touch the connectors at the actuator to see if there is any power at the actuator.



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Hi I know this isn't about the four wheel drive, but I would like to put the foot shifter on my 08 odes 400 ATV. And I went to put it on last night and the rod that is coming out of the engine just sits there and spins to one side then stops and can go all the way back to the other. How do I hook this up? Please help.

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