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2002 Yamaha Warrior - Hard To Start

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there are inspection covers front and back of the cylinder head, 3 bolts holding each on i think. be careful with rubber gasket taking the covers off. you have to get the engine at TDC. the intake valve is 0.06-0.07mm, the exhaust is 0.16-0.20mm.

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Tryied yesterday. I don't think I set the intake valve right. White smoke commin tru the carb. Trying again. Today. Pretty sure that the problem.

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K so valves are set and same thing. Really hard to start but runs. Seems like its not gettin enough power so when I hook it to the truck and boost it it sounds better but still hard to start. New bat carbs cclean boots not cracked. Coil maybe. Just not enough juice to the plug to get it goin?

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Also how would 1 go about checkin to see if. The timing. Is on? The. Guy I got it from. Thinks its cammed so if they. Put it back together and its advanced a tooth it. Would cause these problems to.

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01. remove gas tank and tank cover,make sure gas is off and gas line is disconnected

02. remove left side plastic cover of tranny

03. remove both valve covers

04. remove the plastic screw that covers the timing hole and line the flywheel up so the "T" shows, make sure the valves move a little, this means you are on the compression stroke which is where you need to be, if not turn the bolt counter clockwise one turn until the "T" shows again and the valves should have a little play to them

05. take feeler gauge and gap the valves right (.065 MM intake and .17 MM exhaust)

06. check the valve gaps before installing the valve covers once more to be safe

07. install valve covers, after this turn the machine on so you can hear the valves, if they are loose you can still tighten them before the plastic is on, make sure timing hole is covered before turning on

08. install the left side tranny cover

09. install the timing hole screw

10. install gas tank and cover, and connect gas hose

11. and this should be it

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when you take the cam sprocket out there is a pin that is sticking out of the right side of the hole were the sprocket is bolted in. just match up the little hole on the sprocket and the pin on the wheel and your good. make sure the "T" is on the mark too ...

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K so I had done all that. There's a little notch at like 11 o'clock on the head by the cam gear. I lined the litrle pin up with thatt. It was off one tooth. Then reset the valves. Seems better but not right. Took the carb apart and there a 32 pilot jet!! As per manual said 42.5. Why would someone do that?

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