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2000 KQ Runs, but bogging/sluggish when you give it gas

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Well, looks like my ghost is back after the post below from last fall. Haven't had time to work on her much till this spring, so here's an update. Yes, I've got this old 2000 300KQ running per se'; starting reliably, sounds good and run great for a few seconds, but she kept overflowing the vent hose and flooding pretty fast... So after an in-line filter and multiple cleanings, I decided to throw a Shindy rebuild kit in the carb to try and cure the float valve that seemed to be the issue... Followed everyone's instruction, matching settings, and replaced everything except for the primary air jet behind that cap. Hear that isn't typically an issue, especially for a flooding carb.

So I got it running again, no flooding, starts right up. But has little response mid range, before spitting an sputtering, and can't handle WOT at all, barely stays running. At first, it would not start at all without half choke or more, and ran faster with the choke on, like the choke was opening the throttle... Backing out the pilot screw helped with that somewhat, and now it just needs a tiny bit of choke to start, about like my other 300KQ. Idles fine, sounds great, up until you ask for power.

Now I'm wondering if the thing is either starving for fuel, or running too rich. Know I should be looking at the metering rod and needle jet, and have adjusted up and down 1 notch from starting point in the center. Down seemed to be a good bit worse, so that makes me think it's already rich enough. Up seemed to help and it's on the second from the top right now.

I've taken to troubleshooting with the air cleaner tube out, so I could flip the carb up and back in and make adjustments. Doing that I can drag down the inbound air a bit and get it to rev up some better, but wouldn't that mean it's too lean and needs more fuel, right?

When I added the in line fuel filter, I had to stub on a hose from the petcock to the main fuel line for it, and I used to see the fuel pulse in it. After fixing the flooding with a rebuildin kit, it's not pulsing, but seems to gravity fill fine when in prime. So may need to check that and make sure I'm getting good fuel delivery/pressure from the vacuum line working that pump under the fender.

Ugh, this thing is killing me slowly. Tomorrow, I'm gonna check battery voltage, rectifier voltage, and fuel pressure, to make sure those are all good and I don't have problems with that. Seen all of those giving folks fits beyond just idling. But I have let it idle for an hour, and it'll keep on running just fine idling along.

As a side note, a couple of times after I got it running in the fall, it ran AMAZINGLY well, crazy power, and perfect response messing around in the yard, then the next day it'd ran like crap. Start it and mess with it, clean the carb, and it'd be running great again, only to start flooding again. So you'd think it was licked only with another cleaning, but then it got hard to start, and run like crap again. Then it started the running great for a few seconds, then filling the vent and pushing fuel out up that tube under over the tank by the shift levers just sitting at idle. So I figured it must have been that float valve giving out, and after taking the carb off, I could easily get gas passed it with just gravity, and even more if you blow on the hose, even with it held closed with full up on the float, hence why the rebuild kit.

Just wondering what else I should be looking at, if anyone has any ideas, I'd sure like to hear them. Will let you guys know what I find next.

Many thanks!


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While at idle, pull the fuel pump and tank valve suck tubes to see if there is fuel in them.


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