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2001 Yamaha Bear Tracker No spark

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My 2001 Yamaha Bear Tracker will not start. I have narrowed it down to no spark. I replaced the coil and still nothing. When I was putting the old spark plug boot back on there were 4 pieces that came out when I unscrewed it. A very small flat disk, a small spring, a white cylinder and the gold grabber. I wasn't sure the order of these and don't know if it makes a big deal. I put them back in first the small spring, then the tiny disk. which came out in two pieces one almost the whole disk and just a chip. I put the big piece in and left out the chip. The white cylinder was next and the gold grabber screwed in. Is it the boot or a problem above the coil. Please help. I don't think it is the plug either. The one in the quad isn't brand new but it isn't an antique and I tried the back up plug too.

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did you try and jump it (the battery)? Are you trying to pull start it or the electric start? My money's on the stator - there's a resistance test on the wires if you can get a manual - If I recall it's the white/green wire and white/red wires coming out of the motor. That should be your pickup coil, it's more delicate than the coil.

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I have used both the pull start and the push button start but didn't work. I found a service manual on line just went through the troubleshooting section briefly. Do you know where the stator is located or what it looks like, and how to test it?

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It's under the pullstart - there should be 4 wires coming out of the motor there - one pair is the pickup coil wires and the other is the stator charge coils (could be 5 wires). You take a resistance reading across the pickup coil - the second test for it requires special equipment that can read a pulse being generated as you turn the motor over.

If the machine has been welded on or jumped off a jumper box or running car the stator is likely bad.... in my experience.

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Hey new to this group. I have a bear tracker 250 year is a 2000. No spark,  went through the entire harness, changed coil and cdi!! Still no spark. I'm assuming after reading all this that it's the stator. Specifically after reading if the machine was welded on. Mine was!  However will a bad stator still produce voltage ?? Mine does. Any help would be appreciated. 

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