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kazuma VIN Problem and Info


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My friend Was welding a different stop brake light on my falcon 250. And he welded my vin plate in half burning more than half of the digits. How can i get those again??I did find the engine serial numbers,but when I looked it up search came up as nothing,,Im new to quads but learning fast,I just need pictures of all cooling hoses go,including all the extra hoses that cover the Kazuma Falcon 250.Info on the differential would be nice,A good and affordable site to order parts from.etc, Mods of any kind. im off for a month and want to tackle this project for my 2 boys. Any hard to find info would be highly appreciated. Thanks in ahead to everyone .

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I believe this would be the manual for your machine. Not sure about the cooling hoses, vin, or mods. All parts Ive purchased for a falcon 110 were from ebay. There isnt much out there on these machines that I can find. Im getting more familiar myself with them, but most people you will find will tel you to buy something else than spend $ on a kazuma. I just got the 110 from a friend that aquired 2 and gave me 1 as trade for the labor. Im building it into a toy drag bike. Stretching the rear end and a bore and cam upgrade. Just something to beat the heck out of till it breaks....

Kazuma Falcon 150/250 ATV Owners Manual.pdf

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