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1990s YFM350 Moto4 - Model Identification

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Hi Guys,

Just wondered if anyone can help, I have just bought a 1990s YFM350 Moto4, and I am struggling to identify the model/ year of the bike. I was told it was a 1997, but would not count on that.

Its a 2WD model with cable operated brakes shoes on the front, cable operated disc at the rear and the choke next to the speedo.

I have been trawling sets of microfiche, but can't seem to find a model with the same brakes as mine.

The only part of the frame number I can make out looks like it starts 2VA.

Thanks in advance, if anyone can help.


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Hi, I‘ve managed to get to the back brake, which is a disc, not drum as I first thought so I have amended my first post.

Cheers Tim

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you can find the VIN # by the shift lever on the left of the bike ... very hard to see but it is there ,,, flashlight and rag are the best tools and depending on your eyes, a magnifying glass too ... once you have that VIN, you can run it and find out everything you need to know

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