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I have a camp for lease in WEST HICKORY ,PA. IT IS A OLDER MOBILE HOME. IT HAS TWO BEDROOMS . WATER, FURNACE, ..YOU can have cable tv , phone. walk to bar. within 1 mile beer dist.,pizza shop , 2 stores,2 bars.archery shop. You are responsible for all utilities plus yard work...$1500 for one year ...

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    • By quadcrazy
      This video was submitted to the QUADCRAZY Video section by Irideyamahaandhonda.
      Description of Video: sorry about the finger HAHA
      Video Tags: camp jump pismo sand dunes honda trx
    • By quadcrazy
      This video was submitted to the QUADCRAZY Video section by quadmaniac.
      Description of Video: Woods camp
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      This video was submitted to the QUADCRAZY Video section by quadmaniac.
      Description of Video: camp ridin
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    • By Muskyjim
      I recently purchased a 99 big bear 350 2x4 that was sitting for a while got it running and went to take it for a ride after about 10 minutes into the ride it stalled and wouldn't let me shift down into neutral tried rocking it back and forth but will not go into neutral...can anyone point me in the right direction on where to start?
    • By Admin
      We would like to wish everyone a Fantastic Memorial Day Weekend!
    • By huanchaco
      Having recently bought a well used sportsman 450 with 20000 miles in northern Peru i found out ,among many other things that the swaybar is stuck solid,hence the harsh ride,so I removed the links and finally am enjoying a much smoother ride.
      My thoughts are to find a 1/2 " round steel rod with grooved ends instead of the awkward square tube which polaris fits and make a proper rotation bearings linkage.  By the way ,turning has improoved but I think a more flexible bar would
      bring back stability for a safe ride. The intake manifold adapter was cracked in two pieces and glued together with 2 component epoxy glue but didnt last long. This glue stuff (soldimix Peru) really sticks to this rubbish puttylike polaris rubber but the trick
      is to wrap a silk tape while the glue is still fresh overlapping both broken ends. Garanteed it will never come off again. Problem is the intake boot vibrates a lot and being more plastified than rubber for rigiditty´s sake it will end cracking by also bearing the weight
      of the carb body and airbox.
    • By acguldin
      Hey guys I’m a diesel mechanic by trade and my wife recently volunteered me to become everyone’s small engine/atv repairman on my spare time. I have plenty of mechanic experience from cars to trucks to Semi trucks and trailers to lawn mowers to weed eaters and now recently ATVs. Hope I can share some advice while also gaining some from you guys!! Look forward to interacting 
    • eManualOnline
    • By Vybrano Cz
      (I don't have manual and there isn't one on the internet)
      It's a 150cc ATV, automatic transmission, automatic starter, with zero electric devices.
      I have to mount at least some front/rear lights. But for how many watts should I aim in total on entire ATV? You know, for example there are 10/50/200 Watt lights. But it's impossible to order some, when I don't know if I should keep entire ATV under 100 Watts? Under 500 Watts? Under 1000 Watts?
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