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Cleaning out carbon build up.

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I have my suzuki 160 engine tore down and i am redoing all too end gaskets and rings and maybe gonna do values. So i pulled the values and the exhuast value is pretty bad. It is probably a 1/16 inch of hit and miss pieces of carbon up about 3/4inch of the stem. and the intake has some hit and miss chucks off carbon circle part. The piston doesnt have much. It has a layer but not even a complete layer. The head also has some a good layer. So how do guys say i should go about cleaning it off. My uncle said to use a wire wheel but i am pretty uncomfortable with that. I read spraying water in the carb after i put it back together. I also read a scotch bright and carb cleaner after i reassemble.

Then there is always sea foam.

So what do say i should do. Shindy values are only $25. I am trying to stay low cost and i am planing to sell this after im done but i want wanna half ass it and screw some one over. Thanks guys. :)

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Ok. I was thinking about seafoam. I have a can of it i was just wondering if the was a good way since i already have the engine tore down.

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