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  1. Yesterday
  2. I'm looking for the complete service manual for the 2007 Ranger 500 carburetion / EFI manual number 9920851 anyone out there have it available? Thanks
  3. In the service manual there is at flow chart test to diagnose the starter. it also gives you possible causes for issue you are having. One thing to consider is that a car battery has a lot more cranking amps than an ATV battery this can cause the starter to work fine and mislead to what the actual problem is.It is possible that your starter is goining bad.
  4. Well it turns out my fears of throwing money at incorrect solutions were justified... I guess. Received a new battery, activated it, fully charged it, no change in starting ability (well it MAYBE turns over a very tiny bit better, but still wouldn't start without a jump). After the battery didn't fix it, I thought I found the problem... a little corrosion at the starters positive wire connection. Cleaned that up and again maybe another small improvement but it still isn't turning over like it used to and didn't start without a jump. It seems to turn over great when I hardwire a 12v car battery directly to the starter input, so I'm going to dig up my starter relay and check wires, etc.
  5. Last week
  6. I would drain the oil, pull the cover and inspect everything. Maybe an adjustment or new plates and springs might be in order. Who knows what the previous did. He may have beat it up a bit. But I would definitely take a look inside.
  7. Change the oil. There should be an adjustment screw that squeezes the clutch plates together. This reduces excessive gap between the plates caused by normal wear. I don't know where it is on your machine. Hopefully some one else will respond with that.
  8. I just bought a Yamaha Big Bear 350 from 1992. The previous owner has run it on regular engine oil and I have problems with the clutch slipping. I think that's the reason. So what should I do? - Just change oil and it will be OK? - Clean engine/clutch + new oil? - Or do I need a new clutch? It is guessing the centrifugal clutch that slips. It has two clutches , it also has a "regular" clutch . Anyone who has any experience of using wrong type of oil?
  9. I need the.service manual to fix my son's 4wheeler 2012 polaris
  10. I just got a left over 2018 570 sp a couple weeks ago. Can't wait to take it out.
  11. Good point about getting wheel off of the ground and double checking. I good sign is while riding make a slow U turn in both directions and you should hear a clicking sound if it’s the front end. As far as bank you usually have to get the wheels off the ground and see what kind of play you have. Sometimes you hear a click when you take off but it’s hard to notice with engine noise. Youtube it and you will find plenty of videos on this work.
  12. That's good to hear, I'm hoping that it's a 1988 bike with a 1987 engine in it or something like that. I get the new stator on friday
  13. I’ve always had luck with Caltric. I know a few ppl have said they weren’t happy. To date on starors only I’ve been happy. They always matched up and held up. That’s the only aftermarket part that i would purchase. I only buy oem otherwise for all other parts. They make it well but then again it's only a stator coil. It’s not rocket science building stators.
  14. Did you read the requirements posted? https://www.quadcrazy.com/announcement/16-requirements-to-access-downloads-read-here/
  15. You can get a rebuild kit for them. But first, jack up the front end and spin and turn the wheel by hand to check for any clunking in the joint to be sure that's your problem.
  16. Hello Im just trying to download this service but it says that im not allowed 1987-1997 Yamaha Big Bear YFM350 Service Manual 5852fa0ad05c5_1987-1997YamahaBigBearYFM350ServiceManual.pdf Can you help?
  17. My 1996 Yamaha Kodiak 400 has a cracked CV Axle boot and the axle wiggles back and fourth if you pull on it. It also clunks if you go from forward to reverse fast with the tires turned hard one way or the other. Im thinking a new axle will solve the problem. Can you guys walk me through the steps of replacing the CV Axle, I have never done anything like this. Thanks
  18. Kill wire is good. I'm gonna send the new stator back, what do you recommend to get? I noticed the 1987 stator part has 4 wires, I'll try that one I guess. Thanks for your help
  19. The old pickup coil, 180 old source coil, open New pickup coil, 400! New source coil, 280 Last night I pulled a prong from the old harness and wired it into the new pickup coil. The new on had them soldered together so I split it and made it 4 wires. It had no spark before and after. I'm gonna check the kill wire, I did check the kill switch awhile ago. Thanks
  20. Here are some diagrams to the bike. Get through these tests and if the stator fails I guess we have to see how one would wire the after market stator in.
  21. Hello Guys, I'm new to the site, but have been reading about all the issues that I to have had with my quad. I have rebuilt the carb a few times, once when I got it a few years ago and again a few weeks ago. Same problem, it cranks fine and idles well but when I take off it stumbles. After looking at the site I saw all the posts about the rectifier/regulator so I grabbed one off eBay which came today. Once I found out where it went I saw that the original one wasn't there so I have no reference however I mounted it and began to connect it but one the plugs doesn't fit. The red/black plug connected fine but the yellow wire plug doesn't, and I don't see any other plugs available. Apparently the guy I bought it from had removed the original regulator and it wasn't with the ATV so I have no idea what it looks like. I will also say that I was surprised that it didn't have a rectifier on it but cranked and ran fine till the stumble. My question is, do those yellow wires have to be hooked up ? And my apologies for the rambling, I'm doing this on a phone and can't see the screen. Hahaha
  22. Hey I just recently bought a 2002 Kawasaki Bayou 220 when you shift it jumps a lot and while it’s riding it it’s jumping as well but won’t stay started when you let off the gas Could somebody tell me what could possibly be the problem? Thank you
  23. Old stator 4 wires with two pickups 2 wires for the source coil 3 wires for the stator New stator 3 wires with two pickups (Same) (Same)
  24. The stator should have three wires. The pick up usually has two. Post some pics of the areas and plugs. It helps a lot.
  25. Ok I will tonight Any idea why the new pickup coils only have 3 wires while the old one has 4?
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