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  2. Michael Turley

    Polaris ATV Service Manuals

    Thanks for the manual
  3. Michael Turley

    Honda 450 Foreman - Valve Adjustment (video)

    Great Video Thanks for posting
  4. Michael Turley

    Polaris Online Parts Catalog

    Quick and easy no frills parts lookup cool!!!
  5. Can view or download file.
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  7. Resurgence Small Engine Inc.

    Honda 450 Foreman - Valve Adjustment (video)

    In this video, Jonathan checks and adjusts the valves clearances on a Honda Foreman 450. On this unit, the exhaust valve had excessive clearance. Resurgence Small Engine Inc.
  8. So my cdi went out a month ago and Kawasaki is proud of that cdi. So wanting to know is there any way to bypass the system and but a different cdi in stator is a 3 phase and my trigger coil has 2 wires coming from it a blue one and a black with white strip. From the wiring diagram it shows that it goes in to the cdi. But what is that black with white strip. Is it ground or what
  9. spock58

    trx250 fourtrax low compresson

    Don't forget to examine the valves closely, this may be where the loss of compression comes from.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Hotdig

    Polaris ATV Service Manuals

    I've already searched through that thread with no luck. Thanks
  12. Jayboy88

    2000 Kawasaki Prairie 400 4x4 speedo

    I have a question about my 200 Kawasaki Prairie 400 do the Radiator house hook up to the Carburetor
  13. Jones21

    Polaris ATV Service Manuals

  14. Hotdig

    Polaris ATV Service Manuals

    Looking for a free Polaris 2000 xpedition 425 repair manual. PDF Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  15. Grizzlebee

    1996 Yamaha 350 4x4

    exhaust clogged? put your hand over the intake and see if its sucking.
  16. Grizzlebee

    trx250 fourtrax low compresson

    you'll need to get the top end rebored or get a new cylinder then match the piston to that.
  17. Grizzlebee

    1989 Big Bear 350 4x4 timing

    looks good to me too. check the chain tension and call it good.
  18. Ananias

    2014 Sportsman 570 Service Manual 9924871

    Nice, thanks.
  19. View File 2018 Textron Prowler 500 Service Manual 2018 Prowler 500 Service Manual.pdf Submitter flyinbrian365 Submitted 09/13/2018 Category Textron Off Road UTV  
  20. Why am I not "permitted" to download this file?
  21. Anyone have the service manual ffor 91 big bear?
  22. Cory Macleod

    2004 700 king quad help

    Hi looking for help. My 700 fuel pump won’t cycle when I turn key on also my digital dash is not displaying anything it does light up yellowish but nothing else. If I pour fuel in the intake it will start for second
  23. Last week
  24. Knovosad

    1984 Honda 200 trx not starting

    Prolly needs a carb cleaning
  25. Knovosad

    Free Polaris Manuals

    Really good collection of manuals
  26. Knovosad

    1989 Big Bear 350 4x4 timing

    Pretty sure that is acceptable timing doesnt even look 1/2 tooth off by pics
  27. Knovosad

    1998 Polaris Sportsman 500 - Cooling Fan Does Not Turn On

    Ive had a few of those switches go out on me
  28. Likuidsnake

    1989 Big Bear 350 4x4 timing

    Hello guys, I inherited a 89 Big Bear 350 4x4 and it does not run very well. Carb is very dirty, I'm pretty sure it causes the hard idling and stalling. I haven't had time to clean it but just before leaving my garage I decided to check the timing. At TDC, it seems a little off, like less than 1 tooth. Can this also be a cause the hard idling and stalling? Thanks Mike
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