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  2. it is probably a case of bad connections in the jumper cables if you jumped the 2 posts on the solenoid it should have turned over unless the starter is bad but by what you said it is a bad connection to the battery i would still check the main fuse though as that could cause the key not to work.
  3. Welcome! What are you going to do with the plastics? You can always camo wrap it. This is from amazon for like $160 you would just need to find your fit or get the rolls Here's an example of the rolls:
  4. @Elijah Johnson did you ever find out what your leak was from?
  5. I agree with @mrfartsalot , slime is messy. plug and patch or put a tube in.
  6. Friction, so poor oil condition/incorrect oil? Engine overheating causing oil to overheat and burn?
  7. Why rebuild, unless you are having issues?
  8. The fact that the fuse melted tells me there's a short somewhere. Do you have a manual with a wiring schematic? Where the fuse melted, start tracing that wiring to see what could have caused it.
  9. Try suzuki parts nation, suzuki parts house, partzilla, bike bandit, and check suzuki atv parts on amazon
  10. Why don't you just install a new ignition switch? It's $10 on Amazon Here's the manual which may have a wiring schematic:
  11. That is a great idea. That’s redneck 101 right there. Quick question. That front of the ac where the filter is. That’s the intake portion, how come you leave that exposed taking in the hot air from outside ? Why not build another cowl like you did and connect it to the tent as well. This way your recovering more cooler air from inside the tent then drawing the outside hot air ? Either way I freaking love it.
  12. Looks like a fun group and nice riding there!
  13. Now that is very innovative! Its supposed to get pretty hot, low to mid 90s...
  14. Slime coats the tire and rim and is a pain to get off the rim. At my house if a plug or patch can't fix a hole in a tire it gets and inner tube. there was one time my stepfather got a flat at night and him and a friend left the wheeler on the side of the trail and spend an hour finding and inner tube then put a new one in the tire.
  15. For those in the Northeast, this weekend is going to be a hot one. This upcoming weekend is the Snow Shoe Rails to Trails Chicken BBQ event which we attend every year. Last year for our Jumping Jack, I made a "Redneck Air conditioner" but I found sticking the hose in the door way got in the way. This year I improved upon it and found a way to have the cold air blow into the front window without cutting or sewing the marine canvas. I didn't want to compromise the canvas in any way so I came up with a way to hold it in place with magnets. Made strips of magnets with duct tape and used clear vinyl to cover the window and attach the duct coming from the air conditioner. I did replace the hose with one that is a bit longer, found it on Ebay since you can't buy vinyl dryer duct hose anymore. We are ready for the hot weekend of riding and camping, and the hose won't get in our way anymore.
  16. Stolen from my garage at 1pm in santa fe tx The post Stolen Honda TRX 700XX appeared first on Stolen 911. View the full article
  17. 2014 Honda trx 450er . Lots of west Virginia rides.
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  19. Pipe and jet kit and reeds work good . Got to get jetting right.
  20. Check out this website . It will tell you how to decode a VIN The first numbers you show are the manufacturer and last are the specific vehicle identity . https://www.atvstyle.com/atv-vin-number
  21. 2003 Polaris Sportsman 500. Just got is about a month ago, been on one trail run with it. It has a few oddities, but seems very capable... Rex
  22. Cannot get at plate containing my VIN as winch in the way. What number and letter configurations am I missing between the VIN I can recover on the upright in front. 478TE2 ??????100175. Many thanks. Had previous conversation with CycleTechChick. Thanks
  23. I have mixed feelings on tire slime and have used it in automotive applications. Lots of landscapers use it with their tractors. If you go fast it can throw the tire out of balance enough to feel it even on an ATV. I find if you have good tread on your tires, you wont get a puncture and when you do just, use a tire plug. Now, if you are in an area where you are going to pick up small punctures then tire slime as a preventive measure like @mikeexplorer says may be a solution. I try and carry an ATV Tire Repair Kit like this: You can also try Quadboss ATV Tire Sealant:
  24. i have never seen one of those. what i do know, is that it may get your quad to run, but it will NEVER run like it should, because every engine has its own ignition advance curve. and a generic CDI will have a generic curve, IF ANY. i KNOW CDI boxes are expensive, but it actually controls the way that the engine makes power. accurate timing is a must have just like accurate fuel mixture.
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