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  2. Thank you for the welcome! Both bikes are on the rough side, the 4x4 had been sat outside for a very long time, lots of surface rust and flaking powder coat, dry rotted tyres etc but it really hasn't been hacked about. I cleaned and rebuilt the carb, went through all electrical connections and cleaned them, put a new fuel petcock on the tank, new oil and filter, new spark plug chucked a battery on it and it fired right up. I need to go through the brakes next. I haven't spent much time on the 4x2 as I have only had it a couple of days. It is missing a few key parts like the fuel tank, gear selection pedal, cam cover etc. I will try and post some pics in the next few days. Thanks again!
  3. The cdi is a sealed until. And it’s that way for a reason. It hates moisture! Any moisture gets in and it’s dead. I learned this a little while back while I was putzing around with my old cdi and went on YouTube to see what anyone has to say. One guy pointed me in the direction of putting the cdi in my oven. It worked believe it or not! Check this out.
  4. Welcome to Quadcrazy! Those are some nice bikes you picked up. What kind of shape are they in ? Post some pics, and any help or questions please ask away. You will love and enjoy this forum. We have a lot of knowledgeable members here.
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  6. Hi folks, New member here and new to the world of quad bikes. I have recently picked up 2 machines as projects to tinker with, a Kawasaki KLF300C 4x4 and a KLF300B 2WD. I am sure I will learn a lot for the forum Thanks!
  7. Just bought Kawasaki Prairie 650 vtwin 2002 and replaced old carb with new, but the bolts to hold down the air housing are missing. Anyone have any idea what size they are? I apologize for not being very mechanically inclined. Any help would be much appreciated.
  8. Oddly enough, after I posted this I got a message from total wireless that we've been moved to unlimited PM me if you want a referral code where we both earn rewards points on signup. I'm not going to post it but will be glad to share
  9. I came across an odd temporary fix for a 1985 yamaha 80 ATV. It has no spark, yet if I warm the CDI unit up a bit with a heat gun or hair dryer then it fires right up and runs fine until shut off then it returns to no spark until warmed up again. Partzilla shows $217 for a new CDI It's sort of nuts how I found out the fix to warm it up. My old shop TV requires my heat gun warm up around the transformer area every day before it will turn on too.
  10. If you are looking for filters, batteries, belts, spark plugs...maintenance, you can go to showmetheparts.com https://www.showmetheparts.com/catalog.html Its automotive parts geared but has powersports and will give you multiple manufacturer part numbers. you can then do a google search to see who has it
  11. I haven't been out riding n a while and need to get out there! Bumping this topic as we have a ton of new members that can share where they like to ride.
  12. I'm on an iphone 6s and moved to total wireless from verizon. Paying $60 a month for two lines with 25 GB shared. Runs on verizon's network and was paying upward of $120 for 8 GB.
  13. Welcome aboard everyone, you'll enjoy it here! Besides the forum, check out: Gallery - https://www.quadcrazy.com/gallery/ Clubs - https://www.quadcrazy.com/clubs/ Downloads - https://www.quadcrazy.com/files/ Our leaderboard - https://www.quadcrazy.com/files/ Member Map - https://www.quadcrazy.com/membermap/ Click the activity link to see what's going on across the community - https://www.quadcrazy.com/discover/
  14. Good morning... Going to be hot in the Northeast today!
  15. my original got water logged thanks for the upload
  16. you definitely need the filter and inlet tubes connected, the carburetor needs the vacuum created by the restriction of air from air filter to work properly.
  17. thanks for the info, looks like im buying a new CDI as well.
  18. thanks for the carb posts it helped me ID the jets ive been having issues with
  19. Another old link, found on their website and corrected. Thanks!
  20. Mine has the oil cooler as well, been searching for a good manual for awhile.
  21. It is an old link and utvguide must have made new links and failed to put redirects. I just updated the link so it should work.
  22. Those are pretty cool trophies made from chains, clutches and brake shoes/pads. I saw some interesting cars and some interesting names on the cars. Someone has an RZR or something there, nice!
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