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  2. Need the video converted. Maybe @Ajmboy or @Admin can help me out.
  3. Ok so update, finally got a little time to play in the shop. Swapped out the regulator and guess what?????? NO CHANGE! FML.... Decided to pull the side cover off and pull the stator and flywheel off. Stay tuned....... IMG_3837.MOV
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  5. Welcome to Quad Crazy!
  6. These are some great ideas that I'd like to add to my atv
  7. Sounds like you got a defective tire if it's that far off balance
  8. It's pretty difficult to mix them up. The ex cam has the decompressor on it. I may have to go talk to the Poalris tech on tuesday. Show him what I got.
  9. Yep i see that. We just seen this before but i would doubt that both keyways sheared of. You have the cams in the proper place, ex and int? If you swap them the lobe position should change ?
  10. Note the position of the lobes in this diagram out of the manual. That's the issue. Intake is on the left, just like in my pics above.
  11. Yes I have. But when the cams are out it really doesn't make any difference. As long as the piston is at tdc. If there no cams involved then it doesn't matter. But, that isn't really the issue.
  12. You could have just gotten a bad run of tires off the line. It happens but the question is how many tires were made before they picked up on a production problem? Have you reached out to the vendor or checked any complaint reviews etc? I feel that one item you should never try to go cheap on (especially street bikes) are the tires. Its what the bike rides on and your life depends on when it comes to traction and stability.
  13. Have you reviewed your work and back tracked to see that your at TDC on a compression stroke and the cams arent just 180 degrees out ?
  14. @bren7176 Thats good news on the cylinder. Make sure you get quality gaskets. It will come back to bite you in the ass of you dont. @Jennifer Schuler we all have our one item that we have bad luck with! Mine is usually pocking up atvs that always wind up needing a stator coil.
  15. With the group we are going much further away and exploring new areas
  16. Well cleaning it up a bit more and it almost gone and should be good to go with new piston and rings now to get them and the gaskets and put back together and run it First 2 stoke atv I ever rebuilt , I usually just stick to heavy diesel ..lol
  17. I had to adjust the valves on this 500 (and few other things) and I'm trying to get the cam timing right, and something is really out-of-whack here. It seems anyway. When I line up the dots like the service manual describes, the lobes on the 2 cams are in almost in the same position. According to the manual (and a youtube vid or 2) the lobes should be at aproximatley 10 oclock on the int and 2 oclock on the exhaust. These are nowhere near that. There must be a woodruff type key on the sprockets. I wonder if those are sheared off? Thanks for any input!
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  19. Always watch when you have a passenger (if you do). I've seen so many people on the rear of an ATV that isn't intended for two riders get their feet caught in the back tires. This is especially easy on sport ATVS because the fenders don't protect much.
  20. Shared on Facebook to all my "friends" I'm a Pennsylvania rider too and we barely have anywhere to ride that is "legal". ATVs and UTVs are a big expense now to have so few places to ride. I am definitely sending an email ASAP. Thank you for the email address and information.
  21. This sounds like the one way clutch is bad. Did you replace that? It's #2 in the picture. Or did you possibly put it back in backwards? It is usually stamped with a dot or etched into it "this side out".
  22. What brand and model are the tires? And as far as $600 for 2 tires, that sounds high. What kind of tires are they?
  23. welcome to QC !! Welcome to QC !!
  24. I would never waste the time or gaskets re-using that piston. If Pro-X makes one they are usually pretty reasonable. Look at this... WSM makes standard and 0.5mm and 1.0mm over.
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