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  2. heres another bike I just saw- price is outrageous, but would be a great flip if he came down- what do you guys think? https://raleigh.craigslist.org/snw/d/raleigh-2007-polaris-sportsman-500-efi/6832564900.html it is over two hours away though...
  3. I see now- it jumped time and he was measuring valve clearance without the cam at TDC. how bad was it off? if it stretched the timing chain, you probably want to order another one, and if it jumped a tooth, I would check the tensioner- be a pain if that happened again!
  4. thanks @James Copeland, you answered a question I had about my 04 sportsman 500. I will say on my bike, no wires run from sensor to ecm, but straight to the pod (speedo). Dont know if its the same with all sportsmans or not... I know its not the speedo on mine cause I just replaced it ($400)
  5. yep. If it had been all together and not had parts missing and all torn apart like it was, I probably would have bought it, but I was smelling something fishy about how the guy was doing his work on it- it was under a tarp and torn down. He didnt have all the parts, and just from looking at it, I could tell there was a lot more under the surface than what he was telling me.. but yea if I came across another kodiak, that bike would be helpful for parts.
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  7. That’s great. Walk away but hold on to that phone number. You ever k ow when you will come across another Kodak and that guy may still have his.
  8. Definitely a scam the real test is whether they will actually meet you face to face. yup- what I try to do- as soon as you act interested, they know they have you where you wont walk away.. Thats another thing- its hard to walk away from a deal-even if it isn't a deal. Have done it though. there was a 90s kodiak 400 4x4 that the guy wanted $500 from it and I went out and looked at it- just too much that he didnt know (didnt know what was wrong with it, he had parts off of it and 'didnt know where they were')...just a mess. I walked away
  9. check the wheel sensor to se if it has become fouled with mud or something. if not jack it up discontect the wires hook on a multimeter and spin the wheel to see if it is making voltage. an abs sensor is just a small voltage generator that sends a signal to the ecm to let it know the wheel is turning. probably also sends a signal to the speedo.
  10. nice @Ponetay! lol yea if its not supposed to do it, prolly not the best idea.....
  11. heh good luck with that- those are like 300. Is the display still working? (like the digital readout with the mileage and all)
  12. I can't tell you specifically for that quad , but most use 75/90w ( synthetic) or an 80/90w hypoid gear oil. A few use 40w motor oil.. Take the fill plug out and check the smell of the oil. Gear oil has a distinctive smell as compared to engine oil. I would recommend going with the 75/90 synthetic if it is in fact gear oil in the differential.
  13. What is everyone's choice for differential grease? And does anyone have an idea of capacity for 2007 Sunl (Chinese)250 CC ATV as I do not have the owners manual with specs. Thanks for the input.
  14. I fond this to be helpful. I printed out this thread and will take along with me when/if I go to pick up a bike. but at the end of this article, theres a very helpful checklist geared toward buying a running used bike: I would combine Frank's post to this checklist- between the two, its gonna be hard for them to pull a fast one. https://www.atv.com/products/how-to-choose-the-right-atv-622.html
  15. if you want it to be able to go over and through anything, take the polaris. If you dont mind a finicky tranny and bad handling, go honda.
  16. Next year for sure! and they must get a good work out in on them bikes! yes sirrr
  17. Got it started with the pull chord. Wish this thing had a pressure regulator, that pull chord is brutal. Ran for a few days and now won't start again. Thinking sparkplug or carb but I'll let the Kymco dealer handle that after seeing where the sparkplug was located. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  18. Solid rear axle would be worse for rocky terrain, it will throw you around more. Between the two, I would go with the Honda, in most riding you do not need AWD or 4WD. With the honda, you can use it only when needed. Mike
  19. Can't find manual for a 2015 outlaw 110 only the 50. Are you sure on the year?. Let me know and I will get the procedure for you
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  21. yup hold out for the 4.99 coupons from harbor freight and buy a mess of them, simple construction and funtional
  22. Yo...how's life treating ya??? Hope all is well buddy,...been about a year since you last stopped by so figured I'd reach out!

  23. Were there any indicators, lights or anything when it started to overheat? Did the fan come on? Kind of odd for a 2018 to blow a head gasket so soon. Shouldn't it be under warranty?
  24. My best guess was a bad T-stat. After the tear down, every component was inspected and/or replaced, including T-stat & pump impeller. She runs closer to 185° now. Previously ran over 200° at an idle. Even the smallest thing can effect the engine temps.
  25. I would pull the clutch and clean it throughly. I had the same issue and this seems to fix it.
  26. I tried the light switch in the middle trick but it Melted my switch internally so don’t try that.
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