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  2. Barrysquad

    Yamaha ATV VIN Number Decoder & Search

    I found mine but, took a lot of photoshop to reveal it.
  3. Frank Angerano

    Yamaha ATV VIN Number Decoder & Search

    No problem @gutthooked Welcome to Quadcrazy.
  4. gutthooked

    Yamaha ATV VIN Number Decoder & Search

    Thanks, I couldn't find it b4 your post. Looked all over figured it was somewhere.
  5. artis allen

    New member with kazuma

    Those are some nice quads to be.
  6. dtbprc

    Chain or shaft drive?

    Pro! no worries about oiling, getting things stuck in it (branches, dirt mud, leaves) smooth and less noisy.
  7. seen air vapor lock on gas tank. air into tank at gas cap was filled with mud/dirt- it would run 3-10 seconds then quit. no gas could be sucked out of tank as no air could come in.
  8. Frank Angerano

    Winch 4 less

    No. I got that separate. I found a mounting plate for that particular bike.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Daniel B

    2006 yamaha raptor 350 electrial testing

    Thanks ATVmechanic for the advice above. I am having the same problem - no spark. Concerning the Start Switch - I assume you mean the momentary push button start switch. I found the 6 pin connector and used a multimeter to measure ohms. There is infinite resistance (no continuity) whethere I push the switch or not. But the push button does turn over the quad. Any ideas as to next step? Greatly appreciated!
  11. Admin

    ADMIN MIA???

    I don't see any message. Who did you you send it to. You can PM me if you like. Topic moved to Website How To & Feedback forum.
  12. pokerl0w


    if I ever get out to your neck of the woods, imma feel guilty if we do not ride together.
  13. So many things can go wrong, while out riding, even when with others, when getting away from the group! Try to always ride with at least one other person! If your over 50 and ride alone let me know, I'll try to go with you. I know the trails pretty good, up north, around St Helen, Mi. or I'll try to try areas of the state your more accustom to. I know its too cold now, but spring will be here before you can blink an eye lol I can ride with the slowest dude in the pack, to WOT! Get in touch before season starts for more inf. Thanks, Steve
  14. Frank Angerano

    86 kx80 displacement

    I agree with @wanrep on having a machine shop size it up and or bore it out with the appropriate piston dimensions of need be. However now re jetting the carb will come into play as well as a few other things like power bands etc. Maybe look on eBay for a oem used head ?
  15. Frank Angerano

    Neutral safety switch

    I really have no reason for this bike. The price was right, it’s a fun bike for my oldest to play with and the bike is in great condition. Going to roll it out of the garage and see what’s what. I really am starting to think I need a bike lift.
  16. Tech Guy

    ADMIN MIA???

    I sent a message to the Admin concerning a restriction Nov 23, and the admin hasn't read the message yet. Is anyone working this site or just peer to peer network now? Sincerely, Tech Guy
  17. wanrep

    86 kx80 displacement

    Without getting an accurate measurement of the cylinder, it's just guess work as to what piston to buy. I'd take the cylinder to a bike shop or machine shop and have them measure the cylinder.
  18. God bless your wife. My wife is a paramedic and my family is in the fire department. I was in your shoes once and that's all it took. I now have a GPS on my quad just in case something like this happens. Also a rule of thumb for me. Never ride alone. I'm glad things turned out well for you. Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  19. So I know how to use a micrometer but a good one is so expensive. So now I have this issue. I bought the bike as a project. Before it would take 30 plus kicks to get it to run. And it did. But no back pressure. So I took the head off and I could move the piston side to side which tells me the piston is to small. So I bought the piston that belongs to that motor. Same issue. It just wiggles in the jug. The question. Without taking the jug to a shop, how do I know which one to buy without buying 5 pistons. Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  20. Rocky Mountain is the only place that you need to deal with. I have bought lots of stuff from them. I was really impressed with the tire/wheel sets. They come mounted, aired up and get delivered fast. I have made the comment several times that I think they put it in a truck and drive it straight to your place.
  21. 06kfx440

    Neutral safety switch

    My first quad I bought was a Mojave. Black. It was fun for what it was. Also the first quad I was thrown from. Trees don't move. I tried. Lol Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  22. JacobSlabach

    Winch 4 less

    did that come with a mounting plate?
  23. Enduro del Verano, the famous race that takes place every year in Villa Gesell. More than 1200 national and international riders participate in the Enduro del Verano event every year. The classic Enduro del Verano, unique sporting event has the Guinness record for being the largest quads race in the world. The race which is considered as the most important fast enduro of open dune races, is a world-class event that brings together racers from all over the world, from France, Spain, USA, Uruguay, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile and Paraguay, who are pitted against the best exponents of the country. I usually go every year with my Quad or motorcycle is amazing! Gabriel
  24. mikeexplorer

    Winch 4 less

    I have heard good things about this brand, bolt pattern should be the same as any WARN winch. Mike
  25. Dhenness

    1984 Honda TRX200 Service Manual

    Sadly I cannot download the file due to restrictions on partipcation. Guess my rebuild will have to wait.
  26. charliedawg

    95 scrambler 400 big backfire

    funny thing is I'm not a mechanic I'm a carpenter no one could figure it out but as my older brother told me a long time ago he said Charlie that engine doesn't have a brain don't let it out smart you
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