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  2. Below is a quote from a response to similar question from yesterday: "Easiest thing to check is trash in the main jet. if it idles fine, then the idle circuit and low speed jet is clear. if it bogs off idle that's when it's transitioning to the main jet." I will go ahead and open up the carb and check the main jet, but please respond to this post as if the main jet is squeaky clean. Below is my post: Only starts and runs on Full chock. Does not matter what position I have my "mixture" screw. Tried it at zero, 1 turn, 2 turn, up to five turns. Spent a few hours confirming that the position of the mixture screw does not resolve issue. Runs great at idle and if I slowly engage throttle, it will rev up as expected. But, quick rev up or when I am trying to drive it, it spits and sputters and looses power. I also use a propane bottle and did not find any obvious leaks, and the vacuum port is hooked to fuel peacock and I also made sure to simply block the port with my finger to see if that would resolve the issue. New Carb (after market), New Coil, Fresh Gas. No leaks at manifold boot, hot battery. Good gas flow. Runs too good to be a valve issue, or cylinder, great compression. I can move the choke out a tiny bit, and it will still run, but will still bog down when I try to power it up. I also have a 250 trail boss Polaris that I require to run at full choke, but it has power at all throttle potions. I suspect it is running rich as the choke is on, but will not run with it off. Any details would be appreciated.
  3. They are different part numbers so there's a good chance they are different. I think a lot of motor and trans stuff is the same but I'd bet electronics are different.
  4. Sounds fuel related. Too much or too little fuel to keep it going. You would smell the gas if it was too much, my guess its too little. I would add a clear fuel filter before the carb to see if any debris may be getting to and clogging up the carb. Takes very little to cause a lot of headache... Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
  5. If it had bad fuel lines, that could make things worse alright. If they disintegrate then there might be more crud in the carb you just replaced/cleaned.
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  7. Found out the ecu is off of a sportsman lol would that affect it at all? As far as I know it’s the same motor the only differences that I can think of would be this model doesn’t have EPS and scramblers are tuned more aggressive then sportsmans
  8. I adjusted the brake handle and when I engage the brakes the handle still has a lot of resistance but the brakes don't stop well. I saw another post here with the same issue and they suggested to adjust the shoes. I took my brakes apart and the adjusters are seized. I tried to figure out how they work so I loosened the side that is in the wheel cylinder and removed it but there is no thread to go in or out so I don't know how they work. I sanded the pads a bit to get them rough. Reassembled and same issue.
  9. Thanks, I checked the front brakes and pads look okay. Not sure why stopping isn't very good.
  10. I dont think its timing related as i can pull start the motor im leaning more towards my carb screwing up maybe due to bad fuel lines. (All are new now) though i may be wrong Sent from my LM-Q720 using Tapatalk
  11. So black plug would be flooding which could be flooding or reducing spark. Could be packed exhaust, needle valve and seat leaking, coil shutting down with heat, lot of options.
  12. Could also be timing. If the timing is off just right it'll fire on the exhaust stroke and seem to run when in fact it's really only exploding and not running correctly.
  13. Check Babbitt's online or partzilla. they have full diagrams so you can find what you need.
  14. Easiest thing to check is trash in the main jet. if it idles fine, then the idle circuit and low speed jet is clear. if it bogs off idle that's when it's transitioning to the main jet.
  15. Not much aftermarket support for that little engine. Maybe there is enough wall to punch it and use a different piston from another motor?
  16. Does anyone make aftermarket engine parts for the Suzuki Quadsport LT-Z50? Pistons, Valves, etc...? I have found rings and complete gasket sets.... I need an oversize piston kit and valves.. One company is selling a piston, but upon further inspection it is an LT50 piston that they are saying is for the 2006 Suzuki Quadsport LT-Z50. Yet the LT50 Piston is not interchangeable with the LT-Z50 according to the pistons listed by Suzuki. Any help would be appreciated
  17. A little update. After refusing to pay $300 for a new OEM carburetor, I built a new intake adapter that lets me use a Suzuki LT50 carburetor that I got on Amazon for $15. Now that the engine is running better I have discovered the next problem. Compression is low.... I will take some pics of the adapter today.
  18. How are you doing guys I just joined I have a 1998 Suzuki King quad I’m having problems with high RPMs the ATV idols perfectly but soon as a throttle up it doesn’t stall but it just bogs down it has no power any suggestions thanks
  19. I had this problem over the weekend. The ATV would not go forward, it would go in reverse until it got under strain (backing onto a trailer). Researched it found this page. After reviewing the suggestions, I pulled the drain plug, a lot of water came out. No smells, no metal shavings just dirty water. I let it dry over night. Cranked it, pulled it off the trailer, rode it for a mile easy and then climbed about a 5 - 8% grade with no problems.
  20. en4cer


  21. Hello, the ATV doesn't stop anymore so I guess it is time to replace the brakes. Looking for part number and instructions. I think it may have shoes front + back and the front would be hydraulic.
  22. I do have an inline spark tester and will check that out this weekend as its currently pulled apart again i went ahead and prdered a fuel valve (old one had just started leaking right after i originally posted) and another fuel pump both will be here friday abd my buddy has a brand new caltric carb im going to put on it at the same time so hopefully i can rule the fuel system out all together. Im also cleaning my tank and the pickups in it at same time hopefully all works after. Ive tested the etc and its working right so im pretty sure its not the problem. Sent from my LM-Q720 using Tapatalk
  23. I'd start by connecting an inline spark tester to it so you can watch ignition while it's running. When the engine quits, so you still have spark? If so, then it's on to checking out the fuel system.
  24. 1994 Polaris 300 2x4 project won’t start. Seems like we have spark and have tried straight starting fluid in cylinder and still not getting a fire. Kind of has me stymied
  25. Ok so 2000 sportsman new.caltric carb new fuel pump new jug and piston new cdi and coil finally get to start it and itll idep for 5 to 10 seconds and die what am i missing people any help id love ya forever lol Sent from my LM-Q720 using Tapatalk
  26. Hello to the group, I am working on a 96 timber wolf. Runs great until it gets good and warm then starts missing and puffs smoke and dies. Plug then is black and sooty. Clean plug and let it cool and then it runs fine again until it gets warm. Engine has decent compression, carb it clean. What am I missing?
  27. I have a 2001 650 quest that ran great. Shut it off, wont start. Got tinkering at a buddies, it ended up in a snowbank. Lost my train of thought since then. I have a black, red, green top with two plug in wires yellow and yellow and red I believe.. I have a new battery. Just dunno what to do. I tried hooking the wire coming up to the solenoid on the far side, then directly across I put the positive cable and it instantly started turning over without the button being pressed until I took the cable off. The little black resistor box has also been eliminated. Any help would be greatly appreciated..
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