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  2. 4 things could cause that problem. Timing slipped so the intake valve is still partially open when cylinder fires , Intake valve is sticking slightly open, rocker arm is too tight and holsding valve slightly open and finally, a burnt intake valve valve allowing combustion gasses to blow back. Most likely is a timing slip or valve lash on the intake valve is too tight .
  3. So it took a bit longer before they were delivering it back to me. Their mechanic first wanted to deliver it to me in parts but obviously I would not except that. Finally got it delivered this morning, after my work in the forest I took it to the workshop to start the repair and see what they actually did. To my biggest surprise they haven't touched the fuel pump at all. A thick layer of clay and mud gave that away. How can you start diagnosing a fuel pressure related issue without checking the item that provides the pressure. Shoot me, I have no idea what he has been looking for. Took the fuel pump out and "popped" the screen which is in the middle section of the pump. Cleaned it all out with compressed air and brake cleaner. Put it back together and all problems were solved. It has got its full power back and runs perfectly fine. Two hours of work and that was it. Has probably been one of the easiest repairs I have ever done. Hopefully my tyres come in next week and after they arrived I will give an update to the shop. On the photo you can see how the machine was standing in their workshop. If anyone has a clue what their mechanic was looking for, please share. Second photo taken just a few minutes ago while out driving. Cheers all!
  4. Need to do a leakdown test on engine. Also need to pull valve cover and check for a sticking valve.
  5. Yep That's the only way to prevent a scam, in person.
  6. Craig's list can be a great source if you can pick up your purchase in person and be paid in cash for sales. be wary of cashiers checks, bank drafts and of course personal checks. Both bank drafts and cashiers checks can be fakes . My sister found out the hard way that a bank draft can be a fake that a bank will cash and then a week later find out from the clearing house it is a fake and charge back your account. Bye bye item , bye bye money and if payment was in foreign currency you end up losing even more because banks charge a fee to convert the currency into your dollars and you don't get that back when they charge back for the fake
  7. Well I just found my next hurdle. I noticed when I first got it that the exhaust pipe holder was loose and missing a stud. I just confirmed it's not missing, it's broken off. I was planning from the beginning to remove the whole pipe, clean it up and paint it, but now I have to deal with the broken stud. I have a new set or order and should have them in a couple days. I'm going to try removing the broken stud with an EZ out, but I'm sure I'll end up having to drill it. After the oil change today, I'm going to start soaking it down with penetrating oil and hope for the best when the new studs show up.
  8. You notice how most of the scams are Gmail addresses? I actually never use craigslist, too riddled with scams and people fishing for information. Mike
  9. Either way, since I had thin pliers, i tapped both at the same time. (make sure your going from the 12 volt wire to center wire. If it doesn't do anything, I would suspect the wire first. This quad did have a wire harness problem in the front side. It was intermittently blowing the ignition fuse and I found a rubbed through wire in the front frame. If you have a schematic, you can disconnect the pod and verify continuity between the speed sensor plug and the pod. Its possible the connector to the pod is dirty and not making a good connection. I would suspect a pod problem last. Mike
  10. We had a chance for a quick ride on Friday at the local state trail before the rain came in.
  11. Sounds like a nice project! Found your post on instagram...you can also just add the link to your Instagram post and it will automatically embed like below... if you want to share here also.
  12. I had a 98 identical to yours and it only had like 90psi of compression....but it still popped right off with the start button. Those 220's were bulletproof little utility quads. Not fast, not obscene amounts of power, but well built and extremely resilient when not maintenanced properly.
  13. Good thing about the starter button, once it hits, it fires right up. Bout half a crank it all it takes. Worse case, I have the rope.
  14. Hell yeah brother, love to see progress! Start buttons are notoriously finicky because they are just a brass pop style button. Slightest dirt or corrosion and they are hit and miss. Using it again will help it clean itself out a bit.
  15. Picked this beauty up for zero dollars this weekend. It has been passed around several of my son's friends and the last kid was just tired of tinkering with it. Mostly complete 96 300FW. The pic is my boy robbing the swing arm and rear diff for his 300 for a big memorial weekend ride. Wiring is garbage at the battery, kick start doesnt work, no coil, smoked like cheech and chong when it ran last. I figure a couple hundred and a few hours and this will be ready to ride. Journey will be documented on Instagram at @martincyclellc if ya wanna follow along.
  16. I played around on it again this morning. I disconnected/reconnected a bunch of bullet connectors and got my neutral light back. Starter button still didn't work but I was able to get it to crank by jumping the solenoid terminals. I quadruple checked the starter button for continuity and it still tested good. I put the new solenoid back in then went to put the left control housing back on the bars. While doing this, I accidentally bumped the starter button and not only did it turn over, the damn thing started. Kinda freaked me out for a second so I shut it down real quick. I put a few things back together and was able to start it up and shut it down every time. The starter button is kinda tricky, though. Sometimes it hits right off, sometimes I have to move it around a bit. Not sure what do do with that, if anything at this point. Tomorrow I'm going to start it and let it warm up a bit, then change the oil and filter. Probably take it for a test ride. I had dirt bikes as a kid and rode a Harley for about 10 years, but I've never ridden a 4 wheeler.
  17. Yesterday
  18. Hi Everyone - Need some help. Got a nice little 220...clean machine. wiring is a mess. I have a diagram however, the one I have has 4 wires coming from the ignition switch not 2 like mine. So, I cant trace wires properly. There is a white one that runs to the Solenoid, and a brown wire...from the Ignition...I dont know where its supposed to go. Also, on the Solenoid, there are 3 wires..W to ignition, B to start relay and B/Y runs up to the front of the machine...and is not plugged into anything...and there isnt a "Mate" missing it. How do they plug into the 4 open shovels by the 20A fuse? I'm pretty sure my Lights and start switch/Lights are correct. Problem I cant get anything...new battery...cant get the start button to work, cant get any power to the lights or switches...so I know something is not grounded or.. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Tom
  19. So if I tap the leads with pliers do I tap both at the same time or leave on one lead and you said if the speed goes off of zero that means the sensor is bad ? And if it doesn’t move off of zero it could be the screen? And yes the sensors look identical. Thanks for the reply
  20. Its amazing how many of these types of ads are on craigslist.
  21. I have heard of that one about it being handled through "Ebay Motors" and such. I came across one of those "great deals" years ago and got a similar line of bull. I told them I only do Paypal through Ebay so if they had the Ebay transaction number. Poof! never heard back
  22. I do not know if this information will be accurate for you but last year I had a problem with my Arctic Cat 366 which is basically a Kymco MXU 375. There is a speed sensor that sends pulses to the POD to measure speed. (Picture 1) I had the same problem, reading zero. First picture is what the speed sensor looks like ON MY QUAD. It MAY be the same on yours? First thing to do is unplug it, clean it with electroclean (you can find it at any auto parts store) then measure with the ignition on to verify it has power to the sensor. (picture 3) I have a meter that can measure Hz and I was able to verify the speed sensor was bad with it quickly. There is another way. Look at Picture 2. With the ignition on take a thin pair of needle nose pliers or use a piece of small gauge wire and go from the +12V lead to the center lead and "tap" it several times. This will simulate the pulses sent by the sensor. If you POD shows a speed reading, the sensor is bad. If it does not. You may have a broken wire or a bad connection to the POD, or a bad POD. (My meter showed me with the quad running at idle, I had pulses coming from the sensor, but the voltage output was too low for the pod to read) Mike
  23. I have a 2008 loncin desert storm that wont stay running. When it ran it ran rough and backfired a lot. Now it will only start with throttle and there's a lot of unburned fuel (white smoke), there's also compression comming out the airbox. Is it the carburetor that is broken?
  24. Hi I have a 2014 kymco 700i mxu. It only has 1600 km on it and the speedometer and odo stopped working. It just stays at 0kmh and odo does not go up. I’m wondering if it was the speed sensor would the check engine light come on?  I have take. It out and cleaned it but still does not work. A dealer told me the light should come on if there was a problem with the sensor so he thinks it would be the screen. Everything else works on the screen including riding hours, gear position, fuel gauge,clock. Can someone help please before I buy parts for nothing. Thanks

  25. I have multiple sclerosis. I never let it get the best of me. I keep fighting and finding ways to do things. But rest assured I will be here and doing my projects. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  26. I'm sorry to hear this. I know most in here, including myself never want to see anyone get sick. I only wish the best for you.
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