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  2. Help Identify Old Honda 4x4 ATV

    Tanks guys for help I know she's old and tatty but great work horse
  3. 05 king quad won’t start after stator replacement

    New problem..... so I got it back together and running.... but when I go to put it in gear it jerks forward and dies. ALso has a weird knocking noise coming from the right side of the motor.... I haven’t done any troubleshooting but thinking my wet clutch may have shit the bed too.... any thoughts?
  4. Hello all , looking for folks preferred brand and wt of oils to use in the Engine , transmission , differentials , coolant and brakes ... Also 100% synthetic media filter for engine oil . Any response is appreciated . Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  5. Help Identify Old Honda 4x4 ATV

    Pic of the vin #?
  6. 05 king quad won’t start after stator replacement

    Update!!!! New CPK and stator did the trick! Fired right up tonight once I got it back together
  7. Help Identify Old Honda 4x4 ATV

    I would need to see the front and closer images, but it looks like an older 2000-2002 Honda Recon 250. That's my guess.
  8. Help Identify Old Honda 4x4 ATV

    @Gary Patch here is the image you sent:
  9. Help Identify Old Honda 4x4 ATV

    I uncovered a server issue that may have prevented uploads temporarily, so please try again. 😁
  10. Yesterday
  11. Free Polaris Manuals

    having problem locating download?
  12. Free Polaris Manuals

    Manual for a 1993 Polaris 350I 4x4 thank you
  13. 98 400 prairie water pump

    I’m glad you got it out. All back together ?
  14. 98 400 prairie water pump

    It was just really stuck..not threaded on
  15. Last week
  16. 1996 Yamaha Warrior 350 will not shift

    Hi again - further to this issue ... I let the bike cool down for around 90 minutes went back out to it, and hey presto, she clicked into neutral like there had never been a problem. Still like to hear your thoughts as to what is going on though.
  17. 1996 Yamaha Warrior 350 will not shift

    Hi Any thoughts on this issue with my 1996 350cc 4x4 Big Bear would be very much appreciated. The bike is stuck in reverse gear. No ammount of persuasion will free it. Its currently sat in the garage where I am hoping once its cooled down it may come free. I cannot get it back into neutral and really unsure where to begin looking to rectify. Any thoughts guys?
  18. 2000 Arctic Cat 300 4X4 - Won't Start

    Yep inspection cap for inspecting/adjusting the clearance of your valves. Just don't over tighten it when putting it back on. They are only cast alum. and I busted one because I over tightened and couldn't get it loose.
  19. 2000 Arctic Cat 500 no power

    It is your voltage regulator. Just had to replace the one on my Arctic Cat 250 2003 again. When the voltage regulator goes it fries the battery and nothing will work. So if you got a new battery without checking the voltage regulator and tried to pull start it you probably fried the new battery too.
  20. kodiak 1995 400 YFM400FWG

    Quick question. The float in your carb is sticking the main fill needle connected to the float that’s allowing fuel to enter the bowl? Reason I’m asking I recently picked up a carb cleaning brush kit from amazon. It will have a brush in the set that runs up and down the port cleaning and brushing it. And that needle can be scrubbed with a scratch pad along the side rails where it’s probably getting hung up. It’s a tedious job but it works if that’s the only thing going on with the carb. Just a thought. I tried to upload a pic for you to see but there is something going on with the site I think so I can’t upload anything ??? $8 bucks on amazon Anyone reading this post that works on bikes I recommend having this set. Carb Carburetor Cleaner Cleaning Brushes Kit, Small Wire Brush - 20 Needles + 10 Brushes
  21. kodiak 1995 400 YFM400FWG

    I put that carb on my Polaris 200 Phoenix. And also my 90cc Polaris predator. It worked great! Could not believe it. I figured how could a carb for that price work. Especially on my predator because it’s a two stroke oil injected carb. So far so good. I sold the 200 and still see the bike out there riding good.
  22. Suzuki Ltz 400 battery not charging help plz

    Nice job Rez! Glad to hear it’s fixed. Happy riding brother.
  23. kodiak 1995 400 YFM400FWG

    Generic ,I was looking at a ZOOM ZOOM PARTS 1993 1994 1995 Yamaha Kodiak 400 Carburetor YFM 400 4x4 Carb ATV YFM400 My carbs float is sticking, a rebuild kit does not come with all the jets so the zoom zoom is about the same price
  24. 2000 Arctic Cat 300 4X4 - Won't Start

    The diagrams refer to it as an "inspection cap" Part number will depend on the machine model. Mike
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