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  2. Wednesday afternoon I bought the four wheeler, and Friday morning it was stolen.It had a lock on the rear rotor which was cut off. I did alert the police, but nothing was ever done. The four wheeler has yellow plastics in the front, with baby blue plastics on the back. I had put brand new wheel and tires on the back. The exhaust was very loud and tip of exhaust was ripped off. Moral of the story is, I worked hard to buy it and someone stole it. The post *Stolen* 2003 Honda 400ex appeared first on Stolen 911. View the full article
  3. 1998 LT250 fuel issues

    Davefrombc thanks a bunch. I'll give that a shot in the morning.
  4. I'm Excited. in 4 days i will go pick up my Crated 89 LT250r Quadracer. completely unseen. No idea of condition or complete parts list. With a lot of unknowns, Ive started making a parts wish list. Which has me trying to decide on set ups, color scheme, aftermarket, OEM, or hybrid parts and in general what i am wanting to get out of this Quad. After much back and forth i'm done arguing with my self. since this is a complete rebuild and not going to be a restoration. I've decided I want to build a balanced mix between Mx race ready machine and a trail dominant beast. So where to start??? I'm greedy so of course I want all the pros and none of the cons. Not as easy as it sounds.This is What i've come up with so far. Which at any time is subject to change. Chassis Gussets a must. the last thing i want is to destroy the frame after spending hours upon hours building around it. All stainless steel control cables and lines. +2+1 A Arms, +4 Axle. The goal here is to have 50" stance. I understand in the past most trail riders prefer a more narrow stance 46" to 48" but with the saturation of UTV ( Joto side by sides) on the trails. Most trails have been widened. So in reality a 50" wide Quad should not struggle for room while gaining the added stability of a wider stance. +2 Swing Arm, If I can find one... The absolute best Adjustable Suspension system I can afford. Performance Pipe/silencer, Reeds, and Carb combo to get max out of assuming stock engine. Holeshot tires or similar on 9" rims. Nerf Bars. LED light upgrade. Possibly a larger fuel tank upgrade, If such thing exists. Custom Air box with performance filter. All Black Race cut Plastics. All Chassis, Arms, Nerf bars, Bumpers, engine, Wheel Hubs, Brake Calipers, Foot pegs. Up 1 tooth front Sprocket and down 1 tooth rear sprocket. Plus anything I forgot underneath. Will all be powder coated a Rich but not to bright Blood Red . Including Grips and guards same Red. Along with Same Red Suspension covers... A 4" to 5" single S Suzuki Logo for nose of front hood same red. Red stitched Full Suzuki Logo on back of seat. a custom and Extremely SATANIC Vinyl job. Upside down crosses, pentagrams, and Number plate 666. You guessed it, same red with white highlights for depth. Her name will be Jeannie. After my wife. who is a very sexy, yet life sucking bitch, that will lay you out and punish you if you push her to far. So this is my basic concept. All while trying to Balance Trail with Mx. If you see or think of something I missed or something you think may work better for my situation, by all means, mention it here. I will definitely take a look at it. Suggestions, thoughts, opinions are very much welcome... Until then... Deuces!!!
  5. 1998 LT250 fuel issues

    I did a search on your quad to find out what the diaphragm on the fuel valve was all about. .Found out it is for an automatic fuel shut off and seems to be problematic. Check this thread I found if your valve has that feature .. Says you can block the vacuum lines and run the quad with the valve in the Pri position.
  6. how do i check the hours on 07 450 king quad
  7. 1998 LT250 fuel issues

    Ok need some help. I have a 1998 Suzuki LT250 atv. It recently started to have issues. It starts fine and idles great. The problem is when you attempt to give it gas it bogs down and will not gain any rpms. Kicker is that if you shut it off and restart it, it will rev up for a second or two and then starts to bog down again. I have drained the tank, replaced with new fuel, changed the spark plug and finally rebuilt the carburetor. It starts easily and idles great but still I can not rev the engine up. I pulled the fuel shut off valve and checked the vacuum line that goes to the carburetor, which seems to be clear. My question is does the diaphragm on the back side of the fuel shut off go bad? If so can I replace just the diaphragm or do I need to replace the whole valve assembly? If so where is a good place to get the parts? Starting to get frustrated with this issue. I have owned the machine from day 1 and it has not given me any issues other than this. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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  9. New Member - Northeastern VT

    Welcome abroad I am Jacob, nice to meet you
  10. New member in downstate New York

    hello nice to meet you
  11. Greetings from Awesomeville

    hi and welcome
  12. Low hours Silver Limited Edition 660 Grizzly taken from locked storage building on Old Brownsville Rd. Memphis TN area. The post Silver 2002 Limited Edition Yamaha Grizzly appeared first on Stolen 911. View the full article
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  14. Officially a Polaris owner

    Thank you
  15. 2004 Raptor 660 Bogs Down Problem

    My 04 Raptor 660 bogs down and really won’t go over 10 mph I think it could be carbs there is two carbs on it does anyone know how to fix the bog down sputter and backfire problem
  16. Officially a Polaris owner

    Congrats BuckBilly!
  17. Yamaha ATV Service Manuals

    Idk why im downloading via chrome and it says cant open file every other one i try works but stil im looking for 99 yfm350ul service manual with detailed description of procedures. ( dissasembly, adjustments, and reassembly) the 4x4 man is for yfm350fml not the same as mine thanks for helping anyway fellas.
  18. Officially a Polaris owner

    Thank you. I pick it up Saturday. Getting winch and plow put on
  19. Yamaha ATV Service Manuals

    Downloads ok with Firefox too, and opens with my Adobe Acrobat no problems. It should open without problem in any .pdf reader.
  20. Jumping Jack Trailer

    Looks great and sounds like you got a good deal. Love how it folds up like that.
  21. Greetings from Awesomeville

    Welcome to the neighborhood
  22. Officially a Polaris owner

    Congratulations on the new ATV!
  23. Yamaha ATV Service Manuals

    That's odd, I had no issues downloading it and it opens for me but I'm using chrome browser and it has an adobe plugin I believe. There are 468 pages.
  24. 89 LT250r Resto/Mod project

    Wow, looking forward to some pics bud. I wish I could do something like this, sounds like fun. Just don't have the time. Please share how you are making out.
  25. Great topic, moved to This vs That forum. 😁 I prefer 4 strokes because I feel they are more like a car and I'm biased coming from the auto mechanics end of it. Also never liked the oil smell, smoke, and high rev noise of 2 stroke blasters and such. I went from a warrior to a bayou, then kodiak, then king quad, and now a grizzly. I again am biased towards the trail/utility/4 stroke machines. I never really spent enough on a 2 stroke to feel that in control feel but I guess i understand what you say. I'd like to try a fuel injected 2 stroke though...
  26. Officially a Polaris owner

    Hey @BuckBilly good to see you! Congrats on the new quad, looking good. Hope you got a good deal! 😁
  27. Product Demographic Survey

    My company uses Survey Monkey for our quarterly Craft ratings... LOL Surveys are fun... specially when you get to tell people they suck at their job!!!! hahahahaha
  28. Officially a Polaris owner

    2017 570 touring
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