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    One of the few mx tracks us quads get to ride and race at here in the PNW. Love my Quadcross Northwest family!
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    I am a college student who owns a Kawasaki KFX450r and a Kawasaki Bayou 300. Whenever I come home to visit, the first thing I do is take my hat off and shoes off and throw on my helmet, my riding shoes, start my quad, and go for a 3-4 hour ride along the river. She has kept me happy when times seemed gloomy and the scenery never fails to warm the heart.

    © Tyler Baxter

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    Bust'in The Snow Bank ..... ...
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    Doing some winter time riding on tracks up in the mountains of Utah.
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    My 2000 Yamaha Wolverine parked right below a giant tree spider on a trail in the North woods of Maine!
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    The Lost Trails ATV Park in Dunmore Pa. It is a 2000 foot overlook named the Top Of The World. Kinda scary, where the dirt ends and the green starts is 2000 feet straight down.
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    dude you have the nicest blaster ive yet to see. nice pics
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    My 6 yr old:yes: this weekend at Pismo Beach
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    Here are a couple of my best shots, SO FAR!
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    here are a couple of action shots from the dunes...
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