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    Hi Steve from S. E. Mi. I'm semi retired with family and plenty of time to trail ride up north and enjoy our great state, where I've camped and explored many areas around St Helen/Mio/Rose City, since 87 with our kids. Have a son that I go with whenever he can get away, but is hard strapped to his job and finances, limiting our time out. I've met several good friends/buddies over the years that I've really had a great time and trips with but for several reasons are no longer able to go anymore. If your over 50, to have more in common, or know of someone, send me a message with any questions, and hopefully we can do a trip together up north real soon! Thanks Steve
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    I've had a yamaha grizzly 660 up to about 60 and had a friend king quad 700 up to about 70. For sport utility quads, that's pretty fast I think and not really going to do that in the woods or on trails. It's pretty impressive some of the speeds these sports quads are getting up to . Here's a fast as hell banshee.. .
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    Welcome @4tracker, great pics!
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    My old 500 predator ,94 cell GPS My 500 Sportsman, 60,until I threw on a 2 inch lift ,clutched it and 27s...now 45 lol. Speedo My 850xpeps, almost 80 stock ,72 after 2 inch lift and 28s. Speedo . My pro r 800... 111.. and it's there. .now. like a light switch
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    300MPH!! LOL no ive had my slightly modded rappy 74MPH which is the factory restricted speed.
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    ran it on a dyno , hit 100+ ltz484
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