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    Where do start. The carb had very few "moving parts". Ordered an after market but the throttle cable is too big to screw in, still looking for a solution there. It was stuck in reverse (which I was actually able to fix), the gas tank (which is plastic) looked like it was full of rust and it appears, from looking at the plastic, to have hit every tree in north Louisiana during its lifetime. Thats the short version. The motor will turn over and I only gave $100 for it. I just want something I can leave at the camp and not have to worry about it getting stolen. Hoping to just get it running without having to take out a second mortgage.
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    How about "rebuilding red and hoping to ride at some point if I can get to the level of downloading a manual on this site.........club"?
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    Jesus thats a lot of manuals
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    my story is simple grew up racing flatt track n the older I got moved to quads n yes I still act like a crazy old man on a utility quad but haven't rode for a few yrs live in iowa not many people to ride with but am thinking of getting another utility quad I'm 47 n do things that make kids on sport quads shake there heads example 6ft 300 pound man on 750 brute force with 986 big bore kit doing sport quad doubles n table tops I miss that stuff but the wife says if I get one I have to stay on the ground so I guess I can climb trees n rock crawl leave the air to the young people long story short I'm a power freak n will probably by the biggest utility with the most power id by a sidexside but nowhere to ride in iowa n I don't want to drive to Wisconsin everyweekend or missiouri sorry for hillbilly spelling
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    One neighbour had a trike ( Honda 200cc) and another had an older Honda quad.. I saw a 1991 Honda Fourtrax TRX 300FW with a winch come up for sale at a decent price and in very good condition for the age, so I bought it. I've ridden it 4 years now , and the only work it needs now is the rear axle and hubs replaced because the splines are worn out allowing the wheels to wobble some on the shaft. Got a new axle and hubs for it , but need to install them. Newer models would come with more bells and whistles but so far this one has done everything I want it to and the winch has pulled my neighbours 2 wheel drive quads out of sticky situations several times. I added 2 accessory sockets so I can power 12 volt accessories on either the front or rear racks (or both) . I don't see myself replacing it anytime soon. It goes as fast as I want it to on the trails here, and I've never had any problem pulling anything with it. As long as it has traction, it'll pull so I'm not needing any bigger power ...so far; and at 73 I'm not really into racing machines myself . The old Honda goes fast enough to get into trouble as it is.
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    1994 I met my husband and he asked me out for a first date. I only agreed to go out with him because I knew he had a 1992 Honda 250 fourtrax racing ATV. My parents never let me ride a motorcycle or ATV ever so this was my chance. I was 18 years old at the time & figured they wouldn't say too much about it. I got to ride it on our first date & I immediately fell in love with the sport. Now as for my husband it took a few dates to realize he was worth hanging onto!
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    24 years ago there was a Suzuki Dealer in my home town. Bought an 185 QuadRunner with Plow for $1000 bucks new and sold it for $1300. Bought a 230 shaft. Been riding every since. You kids really need to rid some of the old school quads. Then you would be happy with any quad and not have to cry about certain quads.
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    I started riding when I was 11, 1966. I had a Honda 50. Then in 1970 I got a Kawasaki 175. Then in 1974 got married and bought a street bike, Honda 750. In 1977 no more wife and bike. 1979 out of debt and went to 3 wheels. Yamaha Tri-moto 125 and got married again. 1980 1/2 not marred and bought Yamaha Tri-moto 225. 1985 moved to 4 wheels a Suzuki 230 sport. 1987 bought a Yamaha Warrior. 1993 got married to a great woman who loves to camp and ride. 1995 bought a Yamaha 225 Bear Tracker for my wife. 1997 bought a Honda Forman 450 for me. 2004 bought a Honda 250 quad for my son then in 2005 bought him the Honda 400EX. 2006 bought my wife, and me, a Rhino. And in 2007 bought me a Yamaha Wolverine 450. I still love to ride, just not a fast. We go every chance we get.
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    I gotta thank my husband for this one. He bought a bike from a friend of his and so I got a quad to ride with him.
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    Nice, I usually wait for everyone anywhere there is a fork in the trail or a chance of going the wrong way. I'm always in front so I always find the obstacles for everyone else. So I'll wait and point them out so no one gets hurt.
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    It doesn't matter if you ride at 10MPH or 100MPH, as long as YOU are having fun. Stay within your abilities. I push myself most of the time, but I do spend some time on my back as well.
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    Anything can be Modified to Fit......Just Check some of my Posts:D I say get what you want, Take your bike into a Shop And as you set the 12 Pack down, tell them to MAKE IT WORK;)
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