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    View File 2017-2019 sportsman 450/570 with eps factory service manual This is the factory service manual for the 2017-2019 factory service manual for the sportsman 450/570 with electronic power steering Submitter colin james Submitted 09/06/2018 Category Polaris ATV
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    As a general rule, spraying carb cleaner through the carb into the engine does no good. The carb cleaner goes directly into the engine without cleaning the passages in the carburator. If you suspect the carb is dirty, you can either remove it and clean or try a gas treatment such as Seafoam or Mechanic in a Bottle.
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    It may be getting too much air, running too lean to start .. Try replacing the air filter and other stock inlet air components and see it if starts and runs much better. Some quads need the air filter installed to run properly. Several members have run into that problem before.
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