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    Been a motorsport guy for a long time and moved to the country a few months ago...got two quads- 2018 Yamaha 700 4x4 and Polaris 110 Outlaw for the kiddos. Been great but that polaris has been a maintenance suck. Brakes suck, electrical system suck. Currently it is dead - I will say my son rides it just about every day and LOVES it. Fuses are good and Key switch is ok, battery ok, Going to start to dive into wiring but need a manual to start tracing wires... so this is one of n threads to start here...
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    First try a new spark plug if you have had similar problems with that before. Next thing I would do is to verify that any safety switches (neutral relay etc.) if equipped, are working. Check the spots in the wire harness that ground to the frame, clean the grounds. Kill switch working properly? Ignition switch working? Lots of things to check as always lol. Good-luck and keep us updated.
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    Need to close this thread! So I had two issues- one was a dead cell and the other was the kill switch. Replaced battery and swapped out the switch for a 7.99 autozone waterproof switch. Sodiered it back and glued it to the original plastic. Works great again. Also swapped all brake shoes out and it stops again but the rear brakes on this Polaris really blow.
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