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    Exactly what @Frank Angerano said, and should be what we used to call semi-automatic. You have to shift but with no clutch. Bayou 220 is a great atv, it was my first utility quad after I moved away from an older sport 87 yamaha warrior. Here's a much older picture of me and my bayou back in 2002 or 2003.. Good luck with it, make sure you download the manual here: * Topic moved to Kawasaki ATV forum and re titled post to include ATV info.
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    Welcome aboard @Squirrel @Bud394 @RAYAR @Jonathan Newnham @Steve1981 @KGB @KGB @grizzlysixsixty @AC1 @Brer Wilson @Pzzaman0 @Alexandre Leblanc @patrick st-james @Ty Warner !
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    Been cutting down all the pine trees on my land and saving the oak and hickory trees while making cool twisty trails to beat around on. Still a lot more work to be done.
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    Hi people ...I am thinking I will prob spend the next 12 months solid on here trying to get my 800 Hisun working right but that is life I guess....it all started when a very large lady sat on me in the bus when I was three...and things havent got any better since...my poor old 800 is pretty crook ...fuel wise and gearbox wise as well. I went on the net and saw a heck of a lot of posts from guys that are really enthusiastic about theirs and I thought wow they cant be all bad...so maybe I can pickup some tips from your forum posts....I am currently removing millions of screws from the body to access everything and then I guess I will see if anyone has worked out the wiring and devised some tests....back to the screwdriver for now...
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    And the pile of screws gets bigger and bigger...I have never seen so many plastic panels....the beast within is slowly being revealed. Sure makes it easier once the roll bar and roof section come off....it does not make it any easier having a two and a half month old great dane puppy running off with half of the stuff I have taken off....
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    Hey @Muleman I like the Kawasaki logo !
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    That's pretty cool, hopefully you have a lot of land. When I think about you cutting pine trees down, I think about the little saplings I planted on my property and how damn long they take to grow!!!
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    @steve1 Welcome to QUADCRAZY, I change your topic title from "steve" to "Working on my 800 Hisun", this way members have an idea of what the topic is about 🙂
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    Came across this site today that has a lot of Arctic Cat information. http://shop.arcticcat.eu/isoled-shop/media/uploads/service_support/?dir= Mike
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    countrycat.com will have a parts list for what you are looking for. You may also find the service manual for your machine under technical information. One option for the winch is to buy a 2 inch receiver plate mount and put the winch there. You can get a set of high current connectors (like ones used for jumping vehicles) and make the winch removable. Other option is to weld a plate at the rear bumper assembly and install a winch as shown in this picture.
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    There is obviously a dead short. Was anything new wired into the bike ? Or maybe an old plow wire that was left there ? Accessories that were incorrectly installed or left on the bike that’s causing it ? I would start unplugging the plugs on the starter relay and any other plugs you have. Put a new fuse in and look for when the fuse pops as you re connect each plug. Start there and see if you can trace it back. Also look for anything that stands out like a bundle of tape on the harness that may have been touched or any damage that may have been caused by maybe someone that put a ratchet strap on the fram over a part of the wiring harness and crushed it. Process of elimination. Get a few extra fuses!!!!
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    Every bike is obviously difrent. If yiur bike is the same as mine which it should be then you should see a gear shifter on the left lower side ? If so it’s all the way down to neutral and up for first, second and so on. Then reverse is when it’s in neutral there is a round knob on the left front plastic under the handle bars. You turn that and hold it while pressing gear shifter down and it will go into reverse.
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