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    and about the shifting issue... have you adjusted the clutch? I adjusted mine out and it started slipping under load untill I adjusted it back in. best way to learn how to do that is to go to , enter you model, and look at the owner's (not service- you spend a week looking for it) manual and and you should find directions to adjusting the clutch My Kawasaki | Save Favorite Vehicle Info, Quick Links, Dealer & More https://www.kawasaki.com/myaccount/signin
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    I would leave the plug out and move the spark plug wire off to the side in a safe spot and crank the engine a few times. Everything that’s in the head should blow out of the plug hole or onto the exhaust which will eventually come out of the exhaust or burn off after start up. Cranking the engine will also allow the oil to pump through the engine and lube everything up as well. Was the carburetor ran dry before you sat the bike ? If not then the carburetor will need to be cleaned. And I would put a new spark plug in as well. After you get it running and a warmed up then you can change the oil once safely cooled off enough to touch.
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    semi auto. last bikes I rode, I do not think they had auto's. I am used to the left handlebar clutch. But, I really do not think it is my foot. because it will also slip out of 1st gear into neutral and it wasn't me, I swear!
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