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    Looks great. How was pulling it along. Did the front end seem loose? Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
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    Looks great. Was that just a standard ball and hitch connection ? 1-7/8” I like the stone henge rocks along the opposite side of that roadway.
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    Where did you find that number it looks like it’s short a few numbers and letters. There should be a number on the lower left front frame rail. Try to take a look and see if you missed numbers.
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    Its working out well for us. It is the 6 x 8 (Standard) trailer. Since I changed rims on my machine, loading and unloading has been fine. This model weighs 1,200 pounds with the trailer plus tent. Axle is rated for 3,400 pounds. Last year a friend was interested in buying one, so we test fitted his Polaris General on the trail and it fit fine. (This sized trailer is rated for 2,200 pounds on the deck) When he called for a price he was quoted $6,500 for this model. Now there are no longer any dealers on the East coast so what they told him is for $500 they would deliver it to his house. These are made in Salt Lake City Utah, on the west coast these are very popular with hunters and riders.
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    I need a manual now, not after I make ten contributions. Looked around and can't find anything to make one co0mment on, much less 10.
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