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    Good luck with your surgery!
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    Finally! I am back to a limited .degree. Family member medical condition is under control. I have the bayou running well after 3 days of effort getting everything back together and locating a few missing bolts The torque limiter is inside the left alternator housing on the end of the starter shaft. I'm not exactly sure of the mechanical function and I haven't cut one apart yet to see. I'll be in and out of here for a while. I am facing lumbar spinal surgery. 2 vertebrae are deteriorated and are misaligned badly and there is no disc between 4, all bone on bone. Not sure what the future holds. No complaints, and I'll survive well, it just may take a while.
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    2018 sportsman 450 and 2007 Polaris Phoenix 200...
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    We would like to wish everyone a Fantastic Memorial Day Weekend! SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!
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    Our new friend shows us what the brand new 2019 Yamaha grizzly 700 can do in the mud! He already started modding up his grizzly to help tackle the mud like never before! The 2019 yamaha grizzly really impressed me and I love the look of the 14" rims along with the 2" highlifer lift! We got a few new sponsorship rolling in this year so make sure you keep a look out for that stuff!
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    A great reason to reply to a 12 year old topic...😜 Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day Weekend!
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    That’s a great bike the Phoenix. Take a look inside the thumb throttle cover there’s two wires inside the cover with a plastics partition that separates the wires. Mine was worn out and causing a contact issue. I separated the wires and the problem stopped. It’s a rev limiter that interferes with the ignition system. This could be your problem.
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    Ive got a Suzuki LT250 but need to get the barrel and piston sorted as she smokes a fair bit! I would really like to get a 4x4 version but as I only really use it for shunting logs around on the trailer I don't really know whether it'll be worth the upgrade as it doesn't really struggle and dont get the chance to use it on the really wet ground.
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    I have a 07 wolverine 450. Just got my son a 2014 outlaw 90
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    Two 87 Suzuki ATV’s. A 80 and 230
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    84 honda trx 200 I am currently working on and a 86 yamaha badger 80 that I just found a rear diff for it. Getting ready to fix the badger for the grandchildren
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    We have three Arctic Cats 2010 366 SE 2017 Alterra 400 2012 450i
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    I see this older thread popped up, so thought I'd add to it. I bought an older Polaris Sportsman 500 ('96) last fall. I mainly bought it as a utility vehicle, for use around woodlots etc. Had it out to a buddy's 65 acre woodlot/building lot last sunday and was quite impressed by it's performance. I think it's a keeper
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    God Bless our Troops!!!!!!!!!!
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