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    Same to you pal and to everyone else.
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    I uploaded the factory service manual for the 1996-1998 big boss 6x6. It just has to be approved by admin. Hope it helps you.
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    For 2 stroke engine the compression spec is 115 psi For 4 stroke engine it has a auto decompression valve spec is 50 to 90 psi
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    Not satisfied with the commercially available versions, Jonathan recently built an ATV spring compressor. In this video, he demonstrates using it to remove & re-install the spring on an ATV coil-over shock absorber. Mistake in video - the coil-over shock is not quite a McPherson strut. If you are inspired to build your own spring compressor, feel welcome to use any ideas from this video. Thanks for watching! Resurgence Small Engine Inc.
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