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    Well my prep was to purchase a 1989 Big Bear for $250. Now I am going over the electrical to get the bike running as it has no spark, then I will give the bike a good once over to make sure the brakes/suspension/drivetrain is in good shape!
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    Could be over chraging mine was doing that i put a new rectifier runs good
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    check that your brakes are not locking up or rubbing. the older cvt polaris' bikes do have to have some throttle to get going. a good way to check that the brakes are not rubbing is to push it in neutral.
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    I do enjoy it. But I'm working 7/12's right now and there is no time to be had. That's one of the reasons I wanted to go with a mechanic. I've looked on Amazon and Ebay for parts I need and I just don't see them. The mechanic told me they don't even make new parts for most of my bike. Is that even true? Can you tell me where to find new parts? And the reason I joined here was to be able to talk to ppl like you. So yes... I want to get this thing going. I'd at least like to get all the parts ordered that way when I get laid off I can do it.
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