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    Hi all Just bought a 98 Big Bear 350, keen to look after it properly and that's why I am here 🙂
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    No probs thanks Frank, appreciate the help
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    did some digging and found out the harness that was cut is actually the dash indicator lights for temperature and 4wd. Got new plug ordered so should take care of 2 questions I was asking about. Previous owner had the light plug for the speedometer plugged into the temp indicator. I couldn't find the cover I was needing for the side of the carburetor so had to order new carb. Looking through service manual it looks like the gas vent line I was asking about on the side of carb is in fact just a vent tube. Still wondering about the air duct that comes up in the front between radiator and handlebars; but I can't seem to find any details about it in service manual or parts diagrams. Been plugging away at this thing, stripping it down and cleaning it up. About time to start putting it back together and get it on the road.
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    My advice, is before you disassemble be sure to take some pics of the current configuration. When you remove the needles and jets, count the turns for example on the pilot jet.... be very careful cleaning the components as not to damage the rubber parts, such as the diaphragm or O-rings. Just take your time for disassembly, cleaning, ane reassembly and you should be good to go. I also recommend watching a couple of videos on cleaning a carb (for do's and dont's), you can find some on youtube easily.
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    Do you have a recommendation for what type of oil to use?
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