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    btw heres a YouTube vid of the vid behind that.. amateur at wheelies- your seeing my first tries..
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    Ummmm Frank . It doesn't matter what size the battery is if the voltage is right. The pump will only draw the current it needs to run; no matter what the output current is available from the battery. If the pump itself is leaking it is either a gasket problem or other defect in the pump. Most quads depend on the battery somewhat to stabilize the voltages in the circuit. Without a battery some machines won't run and it is also possible for voltages to jump without the battery inline to help regulate them. Find the cause of the fuel pump leak first and then try running the quad with a battery installed, even if it is just one connected by jumper cables. I'm surprised the early Honda Fourtrax had a fuel pump.. My '91 Fourtrax 300FW uses gravity feed to the carb.
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    I've just recently switched to the Erikson ATV e-strap kit: http://www.ericksonmfg.com/product/atv-wheel-chock-and-tie-down-strap-kit/ I like it... no need to compress your suspension but holds the atv very securely and doesn't bounce slack into it.
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    This is a big thing here in my state with batteries now they charge you to take the old one away it’s a recycling fee. The same has happened with the tires now. You get a tire change they charge you $5 bucks a tire for recycling now.
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