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    Is the flywheel keyway intatact?. If the keyway is broken can also get an erratic voltage which can take out the regulator/rectifier. Also can cause issues with timing and cam walk. My manual state a 1/4 preload on the spring and that the cover is also a cam thrust plate
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    Either buy a new exhaust pipe system for it or cut out both ends of that mess and weld in a new section. I'd recommend going for a new pipe unless the pipe is still thick enough to make decent welds on installing a new section .
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    What's up @JacobSlabach welcome back. Use a little gasoline to get pine tar off. Wipe the plastics down good with the gas as well then hit them with a good armorall coating.
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    The reserve inlet is part of the gas petcock. If you were to remove it there is a long and short screen. The longer is for the on setting and short for reserve setting obviously. So my guess is the screen in the reserve pick up screen could be blocked, or the small port on the petcock behind the valve is clogged. You would see two screws where the on off is shown. They come off and the valve cover comes off and you can inspect. But he careful because once you open that up they are hard to get back together without leaking again due to the old gasket coming off and going back on. Ive always drained the tank and pulled the gas line off. Put a new long hose like theee feet and clear on the petcock and put it on the reserve and blow into it and see how freely it flows. Same with the on setting and see if there is a difference. If there is an obvious difference then take that long hose and hang it up higher then the tank and spray carburetor cleaner in the hose until it fills up. The pressure in the hose will keep pushing the dirt into the tank and freeing it up. Then it’s just a matter of putting a little gas in the tank and flushing it.
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    Here is what you should need. The wiring diagram covers from 1987 to 2002. Like I said I’m tearing into my own Mojave so any questions you have ask away. Click on each pic to see it clearly. Let us know if you need a hand with troubleshooting. Good luck.
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    I pulled a wheelie on one of those once doing about 50. On a gravel road. Barefoot and no shirt. Living in the south has it's perks!
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    Hi, my names jade 25. Western NC Mom of two young boys. Who wouldn’t have a fourwheeler if I hadn’t picked up learning about what it took to repair a China 110 quad. That lead to a passion of atv repair. 5 months in and I’ve learned quiet a bit and interested in helping and learning how to fix my current Honda 87 250x that’s been through some hands as well as a china 50cc dirt bike that’s been rebuilt on the outside and soon learn how to replace valve stems and piston rings.
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    Turning it over should not fill your crankcase. Believe it or not that seems like a hell of a lot of compression. Cam timing verified?
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    I like winter riding ... or at least the kind I do, on Tracks. Get covered in snow, snow melts when I get home, and The Beast is clean ............ WHAT !?!? ...
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